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Weekly Welding Roundup--Inspiration for Your Next Welding Project

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Weekly Welding Roundup - News in the Welding World

Welding has provided 25-year army veteran Kevin Burkman with the ideal creative outlet and job that he has needed after serving overseas and experiencing many traumatic moments. Burkman notes that he lost many friends and suffered from PTSD until he sought help. Welding filled a need in his life to create beautiful things and to work with challenging materials like metal. 

Weekly Welding Roundup–NASA, WWII, and Women in Welding

When the Saturn V rocket of the Apollo missions sent American astronauts into space, Margaret Brennecke played a critical role as a metallurgy researcher at NASA. Brennecke had graduated from the Ohio State University and then researched metals at the Carnegie Institute of Technology!

Weekly Welding Roundup–Young Welder Travels the World for Competitions

Welder Ryan Fincher, 21, of Cedartown, GA finished just short of winning the spot of U.S. representative for the WorldSkills welding competition three years ago. He then got to work, practicing his welds for hours at a time, even quitting his full-time welding job in


Weekly Welding Roundup – Welding News Future Welders & Fires

Wade Morris worked on pipelines and in various welding industry jobs before accepting a position as a welding instructor at Barton Community College. Morris focuses on the skill and technique of welding by getting students in the booths as much as possible, trying to minimize classroom time.

Weekly Welding Roundup – Welding News -Rig Welding Career?

Is rig welding for you? In a recent edition of the Fabricator, Jim Mosman writes that he has seen many of his former welding students earn significant salaries as rig welders in the Permian Basin (located primarily in Texas), and that the long days and packed schedules can result in six figure salaries. 

Weekly Welding Roundup – Metallica Grants $10,000 to Grand Rapids Community College

The welding program at Grand Rapids Community College is among those that have benefitted from a $10,000 grant from the legendary heavy metal band Metallica. The college is one of 10 schools that were awarded $10,000 from the Metallica Scholars grant.

Weekly Welding Roundup – Welding Industry Poised for Growth

It’s impressive that Jonathan Flores, 24, has completed his welding program with a 4.0 average and is poised to graduate with a number of promising welding opportunities. However, what’s most striking about his accomplishment is that Flores has done all of this from a wheelchair since he is paralyzed from the chest down.

Weekly Welding Roundup – News in the Welding World - Are robots the future of welding?

Inmates in a Western Kentucky prison are thriving in a welding program that is preparing them for careers and helping them rebuild their lives by literally building things such as awnings and brackets for panels. The Fulton County Detention Center launched the Sparks Welding program and began transporting inmates to Four Rivers Career Academy, providing expert instruction and AWS certification for welders.

Weekly Welding Roundup – Community Comes Together to Weld

When the students at the McFarland High School welding class need a project for their class, they look to the needs of the community and local businesses. That’s where McFarland Unified provided an excellent opportunity for the class. McFarland Unified, which trains teachers, is in the process of renovating a brand new education center in a former elementary school, but the building needed a sign.

Weekly Welding Roundup– Take a Closer Look at Friction Welding

Kelli Gilliam often went against the normal expectations for her, playing trumpet when all of the girls in her class played flute. When her father asked her to tag along to a welding class, she began to learn about what would become her future career.

Welding Is Essential for Electric Vehicles

While Ron Standley, a construction manager, had long wanted to try out welding, his first time striking an arc happened because of a Father’s Day gift from his son Reed. Reed know that he and his father have a lot of fun working on cars.

Atlanta Based Non-Profit, Becoming a Welder Inc. Helps Women

Women only make up 5% of the welding workforce, but big changes are coming as the current welding workforce retires in larger numbers. Bria Sativa Aguayo, 43, grew up in Texas where welding wasn’t even a consideration for her. Today she is the founder of

600 Welding Students Compete in SkillsUSA Competition

More than 600 welding students attended the Minnesota SkillsUSA competition to compete in a variety of events, and students from Ridgewater College took home six gold medals. They now advance to the national competition in Kentucky that will be held in June. Image Source Among  

Fun Tech Event Hosted by Technical Training Group

The annual Fun Tech event hosted by the Technical Training Group (TTG) in Stratford, Ontario. The event hosted elementary school students, ages 7-14, and allowed them to work with a variety of tools and trades available at the training center. The event included metal-working, welding,

Wind Energy Leads to Growth in Welding Market

Welder Dan Wilson Sr. has been creating signs, fabricating metal frames, and welding small and large household items for residents of Salisbury, MA and beyond since 1974. While he continues to provide these basic services for neighbors that he aims to treat like his own

Kansas City Students Consider Welding Career

A growing number of high school students in the Kansas City area are considering welding careers due to a significant demand for welders in their region. Manufacturers are making their needs known, and the Fort Osage Career and Technical Center has responded by offering welding

From Cheerleading to Welding

Welding has proven to be a surprising but fulfilling career for many high school students, and Samantha Petrosino, 18, switched from the cheerleading squad and sports to a career in welding. Petrosino avoided classes that didn’t particularly interest her in high school, but her welding