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Weekly Welding Roundup– Take a Closer Look at Friction Welding

Weekly Welding Roundup– Take a Closer Look at Friction Welding

Kelli Gilliam often went against the normal expectations for her, playing trumpet when all of the girls in her class played flute. When her father asked her to tag along to a welding class, she began to learn about what would become her future career. After welding in the navy, Gilliam went on to work in a shipyard in order to support her family.

Recognized for her outstanding work ethic and excellent welds, she is now an instructor, teaching students about shipbuilding with a welding simulator in her classroom. She is the first female welding instructor at the Apprentice School at Newport News Shipbuilding. Gilliam also competes in beauty pageants because she believes it offers her a platform to speak with young people about their choices in life.

Welding Industry

Take a Closer Look at Friction Welding
“Friction welding is hypnotic to watch. The process entails heat being generated by rotating one component against another and then adding compression so the two elements can stick together. In addition to be fun to watch, it’s also more environmentally friendly compared to other welds since it produces less steel waste that has to be thrown away.”

Welding Jobs

Welder Took Over Farm Repair Welding Business
“When things are falling apart on the farm, Jerry Hubert is a good guy to know. Although Hubert has over 30 years of welding and metal fabrication experience, it wasn’t until 2014 that he went into business for himself and took his sought after skills out on the road.

‘I had heard that two welders in the Kaukauna area were planning to retire from this niche business, so I bought some of the equipment from one of them who promised to send his contracts my way,’ Hubert said. ‘That was a blessing because I have probably gotten $40,000 worth of work since his retirement.”

Welding Camp Helps Girls Pursue Welding Careers
“Training a needed workforce and breaking barriers for young women are happening at the same time in Morgan County.

A welding and electrical technology camp for girls is helping solve two problems at once. It’s training a workforce by changing the mindsets of half the population that doesn’t always think of these jobs as options.”

Welding Education

Students Given a Chance to Excel at Welding
“Not every student who joins FFA wants to be front and center in the spotlight, some just want to roll up their sleeves and get the job done behind the scenes. That’s why a Missouri FFA chapter last year decided to focus their attention on careers in welding.

“‘These kids aren’t usually your creed speakers, or your officers. Yet, they are the students who usually get up early or stay late to do the heavy lifting at many FFA activities,’ said Tyler Burgin, Agricultural Education Instructor and FFA Advisor for Marshall FFA. ‘These students ‘buy in’ just as hard as any FFA members, and when given the chance to excel in what they love they surprise everyone.’”

Texas Teen Wins Top Welding Prize
“Lufkin is home to many things and now it is home to a national welding champion! Though he graduated high school in May, Dakota Stockman’s ties to his school weren’t over yet. He still had a national welding competition to win.

‘So this is my second time, I went last year and I placed 14th,’ said Dakota Stockman, Skills USA National Welding Champion. ‘Last year was definitlely more nerve-racking than this year, this year I was a little more at ease.”

Welding Events

2018 Welding Summit, League City, Texas
Oct 16, 2018 – Oct 17, 2018
“This summit is intended to bring the best quality information and construction welding professionals together for a series of interactive presentations on how more value can be brought to welding operations and the best way to execute success welding plans into projects.”

Welding Gone Wrong

Welding Fire Damages Home Severely
“Two adults have been displaced from their home following a fire Saturday that started from a resident welding on the back porch.

According to Lubbock Fire and Rescue, units responded to the 6300 block of 31st Street for a reported structure fire after the resident said his roof was on fire. Firefighters arrived to find fire in the eave at the rear of the house. The fire had extended into the attic of the house above a back bedroom.”

Fire Consumes Welder’s Garage and Part of His Home
“A single spark ignited a blaze in the Rosevale area Thursday night, caused when a man who was welding in his garage ignited the fire and it quickly spread in tinder-dry conditions…

He said he noticed the fire when it became increasingly smoky in the garage. He had placed a fan in the doorway to ventilate the area while he was welding, and that increased airflow only served to fan the flames.”

Welding on Wooden Boat Blamed for Fire
“Investigators say welding may have sparked the fire that struck a boat that once carried passengers to an island amusement park in the Detroit River.

The SS Ste. Claire caught fire about 11:30 a.m. Friday while docked at a marina east of downtown Detroit. The Ste. Claire is one of two steamships that traveled for decades between Detroit and Boblo Island in Canada, about 15 miles away.”

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