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600 Welding Students Compete in SkillsUSA Competition

600 Welding Students Compete in SkillsUSA Competition

More than 600 welding students attended the Minnesota SkillsUSA competition to compete in a variety of events, and students from Ridgewater College took home six gold medals. They now advance to the national competition in Kentucky that will be held in June.

Among the Ridgewater students was Mike Orr who took the top prize for the sculpture that he welded, depicting a welder at work. Orr will be among those who travel to compete in nationals.

Welding Industry

Automated Equipment Changeover for Welding Cells Saves Significant Time
“KTH selected GA2 utility couplers from ATI Industrial Automation (Apex, NC), to accomplish the feat. Specifically, the new automatic coupling of air and electricity utilities to the cells eliminated roughly 65 hours per year of downtime per line, reduced the total cost of operations, and increased equipment utilization and productivity.”

Welding Jobs

Welders Train in South Jersey and Find Jobs
“Nationally, welders are in high demand. And while not as sought-after in South Jersey, those who are willing to relocate are able to quickly find work.

‘It’s pretty popular right now,’ said AWS inspector Blair McCloskey of Belvidere, Warren County. ‘Among union iron workers, the ones who are laid off for the least amount of days are welders. It’s an in-demand field.’”

Erie, PA Students Are Prepared for Open Welding Jobs
“Skills taught in the shop at the Kenton Career and Tech Center site include stick welding, MIG welding, TIG welding, and plasma cutting, which are critical for everything from bridge building to fabrication to precision work in the medical fields.

The welding shop was recently expanded at that facility, thanks in part to a grant from the Western New York Regional Economic Development Council. But, demand for the program continues to grow and there is already a waiting list for next year’s junior class.”

Welding Education

84 North Dakota Students Compete to Win Welding Machines
“A total of 84 students competed in the Behind the Mask Welding Competition Monday, April 30, at the North Dakota State College of Science. The competition was sponsored by the American Welding Society.

Students competed in shielded metal arc welding and gas metal arc welding demonstrations, hoping to be either the high school or college winners in both categories. The four total grand prize winners will receive their own welding machines.”

South Dakota Welding Program Receives Grant to Upgrade Equipment
“Students entering welding programs at the Mitchell Career & Technical Education Academy next fall will train on upgraded equipment, giving them a competitive edge for gainful employment.

MCTEA instructor Daniel Zard learned in April his program had been awarded a $46,429 matching grant for upgraded equipment from the Workforce Education Grant Program, available through the S.D. Department of Education and the governor’s office.”

Chicago Area Schools Have Certified Welding Labs
“Welding labs at Elgin and Hampshire high schools now are certified testing facilities — the first in the Midwest and among only three high schools in the country to be accredited.

Both programs are sanctioned by the American Welding Society, allowing students and community members to obtain professional certification meeting industry standards. Courses will be taught by AWS-certified instructors at the high schools.”

Senior Becomes First Female to Win Welding Competition
“When Pleasant Valley High senior Shelby Tozier took home a gold medal in a statewide welding competition, it was a victory in more ways than one.

Tozier carried on a history of strong performance by Pleasant Valley High students when she won first place in the oxy-acetylene welding competition put on by SkillsUSA, and she also became the first female welding champion in the school’s history.”

Welding Events

2018 Welding Summit, League City, Texas
Oct 16, 2018 – Oct 17, 2018
“This summit is intended to bring the best quality information and construction welding professionals together for a series of interactive presentations on how more value can be brought to welding operations and the best way to execute success welding plans into projects.”

Welding Gone Wrong

Museum Fire Blamed on Welding
“Welding and cutting metals sparks are behind the fire that swept through the conference building of the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) last week, according to the initial investigation conducted by the General Prosecution.

The sparks set the scaffolding woods of the building on fire, the prosecution said in a statement on Thursday. The welders are being under investigations. ”

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