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Miller Multimatic 220 Accessory Guide - Before You Buy

Read this blog and watch our Youtube video before buying your Multimatic 220. We review the machine and go over optio...

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Weld My World - Welding News

The Lincoln POWER MIG 262 MP Multiprocess Welder: The Machine That Does It All

Discover the POWER MIG 262MP Multiprocess Welder from Lincoln Electric, a true powerhouse in professional-grade welding.

Precision and Power: Fronius iWave 230i AC/DC TIG Welder

Elevate your welding game with Fronius iWave 230i AC/DC TIG Welder, setting the benchmark for precision, efficiency, and innovation in the welding industry.

Selecting the Right TIG Torch and Accessories for Your Welding Machine

Need some help finding the right TIG torch and consumables? Get the job done right the first time by making sure you have what you need to succeed.

Unveiling the Enhanced Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC Welder ‚Äď Now with 6010 Stick Electrode Capability!

Just when we thought the 220 couldn't get any better, Miller added 6010 welding capabilities to their new 2024 Miller Multimatic 220 line!

The Best Tungsten for TIG Welding Stainless Steel

Welding stainless steel demands precision and expertise, and the choice of tungsten electrode is a critical factor in achieving flawless welds.

Elevate your TIG Performance with Diamond Ground

Are you looking you looking for TIG accessories that will take your TIG welding experience to the next level? Then look no further than Diamond Ground TIG...

Miller Multimatic 220 Accessory Guide - Before You Buy

Read this blog and watch our Youtube video before buying your Multimatic 220. We review the machine and go over optional accessories.

TIG Welding Aluminum

TIG welding aluminum often proves to be one of the most challenging welding processes for new and weekend hobby welders. Aluminum heats up faster than steel...

Modifications for Your TIG Welding Set Up

Some TIG welders or multi-process welders don’t offer the full range of options that you could need for a TIG welding project. For example, if you need...

Why TIG Welders Need a Torch Upgrade

Most TIG welders come with an air-cooled torch, which can work great for plenty of projects when you’re welding with 50 to 100 amps. However, water-cooled torches...

All Purpose Filler Metals Classified By Welding Process

When comes right down to it, the successful completion of any project, welding or otherwise, begins with the right tools. It stands to reason, right? You can’t...

TIG Welding Pipe by Walking the Cup

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding is one of the more difficult welding processes to master, as it requires you to use both hands; one hand to wrangle...

Stick, MIG and TIG Welding Steel

Basic Composition of Steel When you break it down to its raw essentials, steel is really just iron and carbon. There's usually a few other elements, in...

Welding Repairs: TIG Welding Brass

This is the first time we’ve covered welding brass on this blog, and WeldingTipsandTricks.com has given us a great start on this topic. Over the summer, Jody...

Welding Starter Guide ‚Äď Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG)

With its ability to work with various metal types and produce the highest quality welds, TIG welding is the most difficult of the welding process to learn....