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The Optrel Crystal 2.0

You won't believe your eyes. See clearly throughout the entire welding process.

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Cutting Beast

The Cutmaster 60i X is an unmatched cutting machine. See for yourself.

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The Miller Multimatic 215 - Unboxing & Review

Andrew does a complete unboxing of the Miller Electric Multimatic 215 with the new MDX-100 MIG gun. In detail description of everything included. Next he goes over the LED screen and all functions of the machine. MIG, TIG, Stick and includes how to turn on and off auto-set.

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Weld My World - A Blog by Baker's Gas

  • Purging Welding

    Purging Welding

    Creating a strong, long-lasting weld requires a clean joint on your metal workpiece. When it comes to TIG welding uniquely shaped materials or pipe welding jobs, purging the metal of oxygen with an inert gas can keep the weld fully...

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  • ESAB Rebel 205 AC/DC

    ESAB Rebel 205 AC/DC

    The long anticipated ESAB Rebel 205ic is now in stock and there are big incentives to make a move! This machine handles all processes with MIG, AC/DC TIG, Stick and Flux-Cored welding. ESAB has a $100 manufacture rebate through the...

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