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Weekly Welding Roundup – Welding News Future Welders & Fires

Weekly Welding Roundup – Welding News Future Welders & Fires

Wade Morris worked on pipelines and in various welding industry jobs before accepting a position as a welding instructor at Barton Community College. Morris focuses on the skill and technique of welding by getting students in the booths as much as possible, trying to minimize classroom time.

At the heart of his lessons, Morris believes that students need the right attitude, investing time and attention to detail into getting a weld right. Anyone can become a skilled welder, provided they commit to practice welding.

With the demand for welding the world needs more teachers like Morris' creating excitement for the trade and inspiring students to join the industry.

Welding Jobs

Welder Launches Business in Grandfather’s Garage
“Sometimes at arts and crafts shows, a potential customer will approach Matthew Hickman and take a look at the metal flowers, signage and other pieces spread out before him.

In this age where any product on the planet is available with a click of the screen, they don’t realize what they’re seeing. The crafted, custom pieces of art in front of them aren’t Hobby Lobby shipments from the Orient – they’re fashioned by hand through sweat, and sometimes even blood, on High Street in Torrington.”

Photo by Tom Milsted

Welding Education

Women Introduced to Welding
“‘Come closer so you can see,’ said Samantha Farr to 20 women as they adjusted their welding helmets at the sold-out Women Who Weld workshop held at College of the Canyons on Friday, Feb. 22.

Founded by Farr, Women Who Weld is a Detroit-based nonprofit organization that teaches women how to weld and find employment in the welding industry. During the four-hour workshop, Farr introduced her participants to basic Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW).”

We got a chance to meet Samantha and a few of her students. It is inspiring to see a female in welding leading others in the industry. She will go far and we are excited to see her grow!  More to come on Women Who Weld and the fearless leader Samantha Farr!  For more information on visit her website

Learn to Spin Weld at Home
“Spin welding works like this: one thing rotates at high speed and, using the heat of friction, gets melted to another thing. Like other kinds of welding, it makes a very strong bond that requires no fasteners or adhesives; unlike them, it’s easy to do without special training using relatively safe, cheap equipment. You can start spin-welding in your garage with nothing more exotic than a drill press, a couple of skate bearings, and a few recyclable plastic bottles.”

Welder Prepares to Compete in Russia
“Georgia Northwestern Technical College (GNTC) alumnus and 2017 SkillsUSA welding national champion Ryan Fincher was chosen to be the U.S. representative in an elite international competition against the best welders from around the world.

On Thursday, Feb. 21, Fincher was selected as the SkillsUSA World Team Welder to represent the nation at the WorldSkills Competition in Kazan, Russia.”

Welding Events

Plastics Conference
Apr 30, 2019

AWS developed this conference featuring the latest advances in manufacturing, fabrication, installation and examination related to thermoplastics welding and joining.

May 7, 2019 – May 9, 2019

Join tens of thousands of industry professionals May 7-9, 2019 at FABTECH Mexico!  The event takes place at the Cintermex in Monterrey, continuing to co-locate with the established AWS Weldmex and Metalform Mexico.

Welding Gone Wrong

Veteran’s Welding Gear Stolen
“A veteran is out thousands of dollars after thieves stole his welding truck and his livelihood. Nick Derden fought for his country and now he said that he is fighting to get back on his feet after someone stole his welding truck from outside of his employer’s business in Deer Park.

‘There are no words for how I feel — it’s definitely a gut-wrenching feeling,’ Derden said, ‘your livelihood is just snatched from right underneath your feet.’”

Welding Linked to Blaze Causing Ten-Foot Flames
“Three area departments fought a fire between Harris Street and Fraser Drive on Thursday afternoon, after a welding spark landed in grass that spread into a two-acre blaze.

Firefighters arrived on the scene a little past noon Thursday after seeing smoke coming from the Mountain View area, said Silver City Fire Department Capt. Aaron Seavers. When they arrived, flames were 10 feet high, and around three quarters of an acre had already burned. The fire was moving from west to east because of the wind and terrain. ”

Welding Supplies on Sale

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