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Miller Multimatic 220 Accessory Guide - Before You Buy

Read this blog and watch our Youtube video before buying your Multimatic 220. We review the machine and go over optio...

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Weld My World - Welding News

Empower Your Welding with the Miller Copilot Cobot

The Miller Copilot Cobot is not just a piece of equipment; it's a catalyst for transformation in the welding industry.

Revolutionizing Welding: Introducing the Miller OptX‚ĄĘ 2kW Handheld Laser Welder

Experience the future of welding with the Miller OptX‚ĄĘ 2kW Handheld Laser Welder‚ÄĒa revolutionary collaboration between Miller Electric and IPG Photonics.

Test-Drive the Future: Miller Bobcat 265 and Trailblazer 330 Screen Simulators

Explore the Miller Bobcat 265 and the Miller Trailblazer 330 like never before with our interactive screen simulators.

Unbeatable Combo: Miller Trailblazer 330 Air Pak and Miller Spectrum Plasma Cutters

The Miller Trailblazer 330 Air Pak and Spectrum plasma cutters form a powerhouse duo, delivering unmatched welding and cutting performance.

How to Save with Miller Electric Educational Pricing

Discover how educators and students can access discounted prices on Miller Electric’s comprehensive assortment of premium welders, welding accessories, and training systems. 

Unveiling the Enhanced Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC Welder ‚Äď Now with 6010 Stick Electrode Capability!

Just when we thought the 220 couldn't get any better, Miller added 6010 welding capabilities to their new 2024 Miller Multimatic 220 line!

Choosing the Right Welding Gun: MIG, Spool, or Push-Pull?

With all of the different guns you can use when MIG welding, you'll want to make sure you're selecting the right one to get the job done...

Unveiling the Power of the Miller Trailblazer 330 Welder

The Miller Trailblazer 330 has unmatched performance, user-friendly features, cutting-edge technologies, optimal cooling, reduced maintenance, and a compact design.

Before You Buy: Unlocking Efficiency with the Miller Multimatic 255 Pulsed MIG Welder

As you consider your options, it's clear that the Miller Multimatic 255 Pulsed MIG Welder stands out with its unmatched performance, innovative features, and comprehensive...

Welder Showdown: Miller Multimatic 215 vs. Lincoln POWER MIG 215 MPi vs. ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic

Each of these machines offer features that are unique to the brand. You can't go wrong with either of them! Check out our buying guide and reviews...

Miller Multimatic 220 Accessory Guide - Before You Buy

Read this blog and watch our Youtube video before buying your Multimatic 220. We review the machine and go over optional accessories.

Miller Bobcat 230 vs. Bobcat 265

Read more here to see how the differences between the Bobcat 230 and 265. Which one is right for you?

Miller Face Shield PAPR Review - Clean Air On Demand

The Miller Face Shield PAPR is very popular. If you are grinding, polishing, or in a harmful environment, this is the system for you. Read here to...

The Differences of Miller Electrics Small Frame Welders

Read this blog to learn about Miller's small frame welders and which one is right for you.

The Brand New Millermatic 142 - Small Machine Big Power

The Millermatic 142 is the newest MIG welder to be released from Miller Electric. This machine replaces the Millermatic 141 and has made many improvements....

The New Miller Bobcat 265 - The Legend Redefined

The new Miller Bobcat 265 is packed with new features and upgrades. Does your engine drive have Auto-Set technology? (Not yet but it can learn more here)

The Next Generation of Miller Bobcat Welders - The Bobcat 230

The all new Bobcat 230 has just been released from Miller Electric. Read this blog post to learn about the new features and improvements made!

Welding Aluminum with Miller Electric's Spoolmate 100 & 150

When it comes to welding aluminum it can be a pain. Here are some options with Miller Electric that will help alleviate that!

Miller Helmet Review Guide: Which Helmet is Right For You?

Read this blog to learn about all of Miller Electric's helmet offerings. We compare the differences and highlight the features that would be useful for each user depending...

Acculock Consumables and The Differences

Bernard has been making consumables since 1947 and they know welding.  Upgrade to their heavy-duty consumables so you can save money and time!

Miller 220 vs ESAB 205 - The Infamous Blue vs Yellow

The infamous Miller 220 vs ESAB 205! Go over some of the key features with us and let us know what you think.

Lincoln POWERMIG 211 vs. Miller Millermatic 211 - What should you choose?

The Lincoln POWERMIG 211 and Miller Millermatic 211 are very similar machines. We often get asked about the differences between the two. Read this post to learn...

How Miller Electric is Helping Wounded Veterans

This blog highlights how Miller Electric is helping veterans by donating to Semper Fi & America's Fund for every Digital Infinity Honor helmet they sell. Click here to...

Miller QuietPulse Technology - Taking the "Buzz" out of Pulsed TIG

Miller has found a way to quiet down the pulsed DC TIG welding process with QuietPulse. We tested it and have a quick video for you to hear the...