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Weekly Welding Roundup–NASA, WWII, and Women in Welding

Weekly Welding Roundup–NASA, WWII, and Women in Welding

When the Saturn V rocket of the Apollo missions sent American astronauts into space, Margaret Brennecke played a critical role as a metallurgy researcher at NASA. Brennecke had graduated from the Ohio State University and then researched metals at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; the University of Pittsburgh; and the University of California in Los Angeles.

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She played a crucial role as a metallurgist for the Aluminum Company of America, developing the best materials and welding techniques for aircraft, landing craft, and bridges during WWII. During the space race of the 1960’s, Brennecke brought her considerable experience to NASA, researching the most lightweight and durable methods and materials to use on rockets. 

Welding Jobs

Mind Over Metal Camp Prepares Canadian Women for Welding Jobs
“Knelsen was one of a group of young women who took the Mind over Metal Girls Welding camp in Regina, hosted by Saskatchewan Polytechnic in July. The camp hopes to diversify the welding industry and encourage more young women to join the trade.

Young women in Grades 9 to 12 were invited to learn the basics of welding, create logs, hot dog sticks, roses and a cowbell before having creative time to make anything they can think of.”

Welding Industry

Aerospace Friction Welding Applied to Trailer Manufacturing
“Fontaine Commercial Trailer Inc. announced it assembles its Revolution brand all-aluminum platform trailer using StirLITE friction stir welding, just as the aerospace industry uses friction stir welding to build aircraft wings without adding material or weight.”

Welding Education

Female Welding Students Welcomed into Program
“The Chattahoochee Technical College Welding & Joining Technology program is not just for men. Chattahoochee Tech students Sarah Macedo, Katarina Highley-Sowers, and Ceason Eisele, who are enrolled in this program at the college’s Paulding Campus, demonstrate that this profession is for women too.

When she first became interested in welding, Highley-Sowers said that some of her friends doubted her ability to do it. “I was told I couldn’t,” she said, “and that I would never be as good as a man.” But Chattahoochee Tech welcomed her into the college’s Welding & Joining Technology program along with Macedo and Eisele.”

Women Take Introductory Welding Classes in Detroit
“Scott, general manager at the Empire restaurant and bar, used the Traverse City one-day workshop to fan the flames further.

It’s the third-straight summer the Detroit 501©(3) nonprofit held an Introduction to MIG Welding workshop in Traverse City. The purpose of the workshop at Northwestern Michigan College’s Aero Park campus is to give women a glimpse of welding, while also raising money for the subsidized Welding Training Program for unemployed and underemployed women in Detroit.”

Community College in Greensboro, NC Offers Beginner’s Welding
“The ‘MIG 1 welding course will take place on the Asheboro Campus from Aug. 12-Dec. 4. The class (#69319) will meet from 5-9 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays…

The course introduces metal arc welding and flux core arc welding processes. Topics include equipment setup and fillet and groove welds with emphasis on application of GMAW and FCAW electrodes on carbon steel plate. Upon completion, students should be able to perform fillet welds on carbon steel with prescribed electrodes in the flat, horizontal, and overhead positions.”

Idaho Falls Student Wins Welding Sculpture Competition
“An Idaho Falls high school student received an honor at the world’s largest professional skills competition in June for his welding ability.

Thousands of middle, high school and college students competed in the SkillsUSA Championships that were held in Louisville, Ky., at the end of last month… Jesse Wood, a student at Bonneville Technical Careers High School, earned a Skill Point Certificate in the welding sculpture category at the event. For that category, students made their own sculpture before arriving at the competition and displayed their art for the judges.”

High School Students Sample Welding Careers
“DACC welding instructor R.J. Rowland hatched the idea for a welding camp for 13- to 18-year-olds. He said he specifically targeted that age group because they have aged-out of DACC’s other summer programming, such as College for Kids.

Most of all, though, Rowland said the camp is “a recruiting tool” to spur interest in the skilled trades and in his welding College Express class for local high school juniors and seniors.”

Welding Events

2019 Welding Industry Summit
Aug 29, 2019 – Aug 30, 2019

“This Summit is intended to bring the best quality information and construction welding professionals together for a series of interactive presentations on how more value can be brought to welding operations and the best way to execute success welding plans into projects.”

Welding Gone Wrong

Welding Sparks Cause Saltwater Spill
“Sparks from welding at a saltwater disposal site in Mountrail County resulted in a fire and brine spill, the North Dakota Oil and Gas Division reported on Wednesday.”

Homeowner Welding His Truck Burns Down His House
"A Utah man was welding underneath his truck when a fire started and destroyed his home."

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