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Introducing the New Lincoln Ranger Air 260MPX: Your Work Truck Companion

The Lincoln Ranger Air 260MPX is here to revolutionize the way you work. With its robust features, unmatched capabilities, and a special discount for bulk purchases, there's never been a better time to invest in this powerhouse of a machine.

Elevate your TIG Performance with Diamond Ground

Are you looking you looking for TIG accessories that will take your TIG welding experience to the next level? Then look no further than Diamond Ground TIG accessories. Here we go over some of their most popular products!

Miller Multimatic 220 Accessory Guide - Before You Buy

Read this blog and watch our Youtube video before buying your Multimatic 220. We review the machine and go over optional accessories.

Business Financing with QuickSpark

Baker's breaks down the top financing choices to help you invest in the right equipment and achieve your welding dreams. Explore flexible payment plans and expert tips today.

The Portable Battery-Powered Welder: ESAB Renegade VOLT ES 200i

The ESAB Renegade VOLT ES 200i is more than a welder; it's a welding revolution. Experience the freedom to weld whenever, wherever, with unmatched precision and power.

Miller Bobcat 230 vs. Bobcat 265

Read more here to see how the differences between the Bobcat 230 and 265. Which one is right for you?

Miller Face Shield PAPR Review - Clean Air On Demand

The Miller Face Shield PAPR is very popular. If you are grinding, polishing, or in a harmful environment, this is the system for you. Read here to learn more.

The Differences of Miller Electrics Small Frame Welders

Read this blog to learn about Miller's small frame welders and which one is right for you.

The Brand New Millermatic 142 - Small Machine Big Power

The Millermatic 142 is the newest MIG welder to be released from Miller Electric. This machine replaces the Millermatic 141 and has made many improvements. Learn more by reading here. 

CK Tungsten - Learn More About Each Type/Color

Click here to learn about each type of CK Tungsten and the benefits of the different colors.

The New Miller Bobcat 265 - The Legend Redefined

The new Miller Bobcat 265 is packed with new features and upgrades. Does your engine drive have Auto-Set technology? (Not yet but it can learn more here)

The All New CK Worldwide MT375 AC/DC TIG Welder - A TIG Welding Powerhouse

The CK MT375 is CK Worldwide's newest TIG welder to hit the market. This machine comes in a complete package that is ready to do some serious TIG welding. Click here to learn more.

What is the best FR Welding Gear?

FR gear is important for many reasons but most importantly protecting workers from potential hazards. This article explains the differences between FR clothing, importance of quality products, popular brands and popular products that Baker's sells.

The Next Generation of Miller Bobcat Welders - The Bobcat 230

The all new Bobcat 230 has just been released from Miller Electric. Read this blog post to learn about the new features and improvements made!

Top Back-to-School Welding Gear: Affordable Must-Haves from Baker's Gas

In this blog post, we'll explore the top back-to-school welding gear from Baker's Gas, with a focus on affordability and quality.

Sean Flottmann - Redefining What It Means To Be A Welder

Sean Flottmann is a legend in the TIG welding world.

Welding Aluminum with Miller Electric's Spoolmate 100 & 150

When it comes to welding aluminum it can be a pain. Here are some options with Miller Electric that will help alleviate that!

Lincoln Electric's Voyage Arc VR Headset is a Game Changer

Unleash Your Welding Potential with Lincoln Electric's Revolutionary Voyage Arc VR Headset! Read this blog to learn about the many benefits of Lincoln Electric's new virtual reality system.