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Atlanta Based Non-Profit, Becoming a Welder Inc. Helps Women

Women only make up 5% of the welding workforce, but big changes are coming as the current welding workforce retires in larger numbers. Bria Sativa Aguayo, 43, grew up in Texas where welding wasn’t even a consideration for her. Today she is the founder of the Atlanta-based nonprofit Becoming a Welder Inc., a group that trains women to pursue a career in welding.


Aguayo has found that employers are very open to female welders, machines handle most of the heavy lifting on the job site, and women excel at the work that requires significant attention to detail. Georgia is providing financial aid packages such as the Hope Career and Zell Miller grants, significantly cutting the education costs of female welders.

Welding Industry

How DFM Features Improve Welds
“For sheet metals and plates, resistance spot welding remains a widespread choice for joining similar metals. It is inexpensive and the resulting joints are strong and reliable. That’s why resistance welding is so widespread in automobile manufacturing. But to get the most out of the design and welding, the product should be designed for welding.”

Welding Education

Welders in New Jersey Fulfill Lifelong Dream
“He sound of metal grinding echoes throughout the concrete room as Roberto Rotgers welds together steel plates. Rotgers is one of eight students hoping to achieve 1G certification through the American Welding Society in an adult class at Cape May County Technical High School. ‘This is something I always wanted to do, even in my teenage years,’ said Rotgers, 49, of Egg Harbor Township.”

Alabama Community College Offers Basic Welding Class
“Lurleen B. Wallace Community College in Opp is offering a Basic Welding for Farm and Home course on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6-9 p.m., June 26 – July 26, 2018. Classes will be held in the Welding Department on the MacArthur Campus.

The goal of this course is to provide students the opportunity to learn basic welding and cutting skills in order to complete minor repair and/or fabrication projects around the farm or home.”

North Carolina High School Hosts Welding Class for Adults
“Starmount High School Agriculture Department will be holding an adult education welding workshop on June 20 from 8:30 to 3 p.m. The workshop will focus on entry-level welding. Participants will learn all about arc welding, electrodes, metal ID, and participants will be provided time for individual practice on various types of metal.”

Students Weld Ramp for a Veteran in Need
“Students from a welding class at Veterans Memorial High School are helping out one of their own. Last week, the class got a tip that a local veteran was in need. The vet recently bought a ramp for his scooter. However, the ramp was weak and fragile.

Now, the students are taking it on as their class project, making repairs to the ramp, so it is safe and sturdy.”

Welding Events

2018 Welding Summit, League City, Texas
Oct 16, 2018 – Oct 17, 2018
“This summit is intended to bring the best quality information and construction welding professionals together for a series of interactive presentations on how more value can be brought to welding operations and the best way to execute success welding plans into projects.”

Welding Gone Wrong

Student Made Hatchets in His Welding Class
“Two Farmington schools were placed on lockdown this morning when a juvenile male accused of making two weapons in welding class at the Career and Technology Education (CATE) Center fled school grounds.

A 15-year-old male student was arrested by Farmington Police Department officers and accused of felony counts of carrying or making a weapon on a school campus and larceny…”

South Dakota Welding Company’s Tanks Explode
“A dangerous situation that authorities say could have been much worse. No one was injured during Thursday’s fiery explosions at A-OX Welding supply, a facility that stores thousands of gallons of flammable liquids and gasses.

Chief Goodroad said the five employees in and around the facility were able to safely evacuate before the major tank explosions began.”

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