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Welded Rose Knife

Welding has provided 25-year army veteran Kevin Burkman with the ideal creative outlet and job that he has needed after serving overseas and experiencing many traumatic moments. Burkman notes that he lost many friends and suffered from PTSD until he sought help. Welding filled a need in his life to create beautiful things and to work with challenging materials like metal. 


Burkman now welds creative household items like decorative knives and teaches welding to fellow veterans. He believes a welding career can offer veterans an excellent next step when returning home. 

Welding Jobs

Welding Students Meet Local Employer
“Students enrolled in Mt. Pleasant High School’s newly established welding certification program received a visit from a potential future employer Thursday as they continued to hone their new skills using the industrial-strength tools at their disposal.

During the visit, a group of seniors enrolled in the program, taught by Tony Grooms, were working on the metal bases for a series of bird feeders that will be placed through the greater Mt. Pleasant school campus.”

Arizona Welding Shop Helps Veterans Learn New Skills
“For the past two years, Shanen Aranmor has offered discounts to Veterans and first responders at her "Weld Like a Girl" shop on Third Avenue. ‘Once a year is a great way to celebrate what the men and women in our military have done. But we have to make sure that we provide resources and support throughout the whole year.’

Before every Veterans Day, Aranmor offers a free class for veterans hoping to spark an interest and give them a sense of empowerment. ”

Welding Schools

Nebraska High School Opens Welding Lab with Steel Cutting Ceremony
High School Senior Carson Brownfield aspires to one day be a building contractor, a career requiring skills and experience with a variety of trades so he knows what to look for when hiring subcontractors and suppliers.

While his dream was always within reach, it became closer to reality thanks to Omaha Westside High School's innovative welding, fabrication and manufacturing program.

West Virginia Plans New Welding Program in Northern Panhandle
“A property on Lee Avenue in Weirton will look much different in the future. It was announced that a major project is taking place totaling nearly $3-million.

The Business Development Corporation of the Northern Panhandle announced a project that will transform the old Weirton Daily Times building into a welding-training program in cooperation with West Virginia Northern Community College.”

Ohio Welding Teacher Helps Students Follow Her Lead Breaking Barriers
“There’s no quit in Vicki Young. She’s tireless. It’s not uncommon for the welding instructor at Eastern Gateway Community College to work 14 hours a day. 

Even on her day off she runs an open lab so students can finish welding assignments or get extra practice. ‘She doesn’t get paid; she does it for the students’ benefit,’ says Ryan Pasco, director of energy and engineering initiatives at Eastern Gateway. ‘I always tell her, ‘Don’t make me carry you out of here.’ She simply loves what she’s doing.’”

New York High School Welding Class Uses Simulator
“Thanks to a shared virtual reality welder, students at Hamilton, Madison and Stockbridge Valley Central Schools will benefit from the cutting-edge technology of learning to weld through a highly realistic computer program. Wearing goggles like a welder but enhanced with virtual reality tech, they will be able to apply a weld with a handheld device that seems just as real as the old days of gas-powered welding.

‘There is not a function of welding it won’t teach,’ promised HCS ag teacher Johanna Bossard. ‘This gives the students the opportunity to learn all different aspects of welding without using up all of the resources.’”

Welding Industry

Laser Welding Innovations Continue
“Laser transmission welding is a method employed for joining plastic parts. It enables even very small components with complex geometries to be produced in a cost-efficient and resource-friendly manner, making it part of the growing trend toward the miniaturization of electrical and electronic functions.”

Global Welding Market Continues to Grow
“The global Welding Market size is slated to reach USD 48.16 Billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.7% during the forecast period. One of the primary growth drivers of this market is the increasing manufacturing activities worldwide. The International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2019 released by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) reports that in 2018, global manufacturing went up by 3.6% in terms of value. ”

Welding Events

The 11th Weld Cracking Symposium, January 20, 2020
“In 2020, this symposium will directly precede the AWS Inspection Conference and focus on the subjects of weldment cracking & inspection techniques/technology. This event will provide the fabrication and construction industry, as well as owner/operators, with leading information on cracking mechanisms, materials of construction, inspection methods and mitigation techniques.”

FabTech Canada, June 16-18, 2020
“FABTECH Canada is where you can meet with world-class suppliers, see the latest industry products and developments, and find the tools to improve productivity, increase profits and discover new solutions for all of your metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing needs.”

Welding Supplies on Sale

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