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New Welding Shield Developed

New Welding Shield Developed

A group of Montana high school students took welding classes over the past year and were then administered a welding certification test which four of the seven students passed. Those who passed the test included: freshman, Kyler Francis; junior, Connor Voll; freshman, Raine Kaufman and freshman, Howard Edison.

While the students are not yet old enough to be hired for a welding job, they are well on their way to a welding career of their choosing. Their instructor, Jeff Shultz, plans to help the students enroll in a 40-hour class for OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Certification. This will increase their job prospects when they begin searching for jobs.

Welding Industry

New Welding Shield Developed
“Welding accessory developer Huntingdon Fusion Techniques® (HFT®) has released a range of Weld Trailing Shields®, designed for extended inert gas coverage during titanium and stainless steel welding to prevent oxidation.

The lightweight tool, available in the US from COB Industries, can be easily manoeuvred around the pipe joint during welding and is connected to an argon (Ar) gas source with extra Ar flooding and covering the heat-affected zone next to the weld. As the welding torch is moved forward, the weld remains under the Ar gas shield until the welded metal has cooled below its oxidation temperature.”

Welding Consumable Market Projected to Grow
“The extensive use of arc welding and oxy-fuel welding processes in the manufacturing of automobiles and machinery has generated considerable demand for flux and filler metals as welding consumables. As a result, the global market for welding consumables is expected to witness a significant growth in 2016, reaching the market value of US$ 11,835.8 Mn at a y-o-y growth rate of 5.4% over 2015. Furthermore, the global demand for welding consumables will also be influenced by the rising trend of automating welding processes in automobile and construction industries.”

Welding Jobs

Newport News Provides Welding Jobs Training Opportunity
“In just three weeks and for only $250, community college students can get basic welding training and a job offer at Newport News Shipbuilding.

A collaboration between Tidewater Community College and the Virginia Ship Repair Association, the Pre-Hire Marine Skills Training Program started in January. Thomas Nelson and Paul D. Camp community colleges also offer the program. Todd Estes, interim associate vice president for business and corporate solutions for TCC, said the program falls under the workforce solutions division of the college.”

Welder Takes Up Art on the Weekends
“Gary Anderson spent 17 years burning thousands of welds a day onto seat frames on the assembly line for Lear Seating. The repetitive process became robotic, he said.

But that’s changed now that the 53-year-old delivery truck driver has rediscovered the joy of welding. The weekend hobby artist welds, cuts, bends and heats metal to turn junk into art in a one-car workshop at his rural Milton home.”

Welding Education

Miller Provides New Welding Training Simulator
“Welding students at Stanly Community College are now able to train on a new Miller LiveArc welding performance management system. This reality-based solution has motion-tracking technology, industry-exclusive MIG Smartgun, instructor interface and a welding positioning arm.

The new unit delivers a simulation and pre-weld setup mode, as well as a live-arc training mode, allowing students to gain experience and build techniques in pre-weld exercises before seamlessly transitioning into real welding on GMAW and SMAW processes.”

Kentucky Students Work on Welding Competition
“Even though school is out for summer and they have already received their diploma and handshake that signal the end of high school, three graduates continue to show up each day at Kentucky Tech-Madison County Area Technology Center. While most of its hallways and classrooms were dark and empty, the center’s welding lab on Tuesday afternoon was alive with sparks, smoke and noise as three young men hustled to and fro with helmets on and heads down.”

Welding Events

Nov 6, 2017 – Nov 9, 2017
North America’s largest metal forming,  fabricating, welding and finishing event heads to McCormick Place in Chicago, IL – November 6-9, 2017. The upcoming event is expected to cover more than 725,000 net square feet and anticipates over 40,000 attendees and 1,700 exhibiting companies.

Welding Gone Wrong

Colorado Fire Blamed on Welding Sparks
“Investigators say a massive fire that destroyed at least four businesses in downtown Brighton was likely caused by a welder working in an auto repair shop.”

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