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Weekly Welding Roundup – Welding News -Rig Welding Career?

Weekly Welding Roundup – Welding News -Rig Welding Career?

Is rig welding for you? In a recent edition of the Fabricator, Jim Mosman writes that he has seen many of his former welding students earn significant salaries as rig welders in the Permian Basin (located primarily in Texas), and that the long days and packed schedules can result in six figure salaries. 

However, rig welding in the wilds of Texas may not be for everyone. There will be scorching hot days and muddy days near freezing temperatures. Many welders have to haul their tools around in a truck with a camper behind it, and space can be limited in towns where the cost of living has increased dramatically.

There’s no doubt that rig welding can be an adventure and it can be enjoyable to experience some autonomy while on the job. However, get all of the details about insurance, working conditions, and living costs before embarking.

Welding Industry

New Aluminum Welding Technique Could Help Car Manufacturers
“Engineers at the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering have developed a way to weld the super-strong but lightweight aluminum alloy known as AA 7075. Developed in the 1940s, AA 7075 long held promise for use in automobile manufacturing, except for one key obstacle. Although it’s nearly as strong as steel and just one-third the weight, it is almost impossible to weld together using the technique commonly used to assemble body panels or engine parts.”

Collaborative Arc Welding Robots Add to Industry Innovation
“Emergence of collaborative arc welding robots to drive growth in the market. The rising trend of collaborative robots (cobots) will have a major impact on the arc welding robots market. These robots are meant for working in collaboration with humans and use specialized sensors and robot controllers for operation. They are built by using advanced smart sensors such as torque sensors and built-in safety sensors to enhance the coordination and sense the environment.”

New Robot Capable of Welding in Multiple Positions
“ABI-CAR tractors will initially come in three models including one with an oscillator feature, a durably constructed carriage design and an easy to use interface, allowing welding professionals to easily operate the tractor.

A strong magnet base allows the ABI-CAR to be used for horizontal and vertical welding positions. The tractors come with a variety of cross support and clamping options for user-specific product customisation based on the application.”

Welding Jobs

Welding Company Re-Opens After Campfire

Ken’s Paradise Hitch & Welding has reopened since Jan. 21 with a new owner taking over the shop, DJ Gomes of Crossfire Tree and Vegetation Services.

The hitch & welding shop made it out of the Camp Fire and the owners Ken and Yvonne Pishek were going to to have the suppliers take back the inventory or do an online auction. Ken Pishek,73-years-old, original owner of Ken’s Paradise Hitch & Welding lost his home and decided to retire.

Welding Education

Former Student’s Family Creates Scholarship in His Memory
Thanks to a special gift from the family of former student, Daniel Best, future students of Sampson Community College’s Welding Technology program will be able to get their degree and pursue a career in welding.

Beth Best, mother of Daniel, who passed away late last year, has established the Daniel Best Memorial Scholarship through the Sampson Community College Foundation this week.

Tool Company Improves Tech School’s Welding Shop
“Walls adorned in Channellock Blue and gleaming new tools greeted the students as they got their first glimpse of their newly outfitted workroom. Worcester Tech was treated to a shop makeover and thousands of dollars in new equipment after winning a national contest sponsored by the tool company Channellock.”

Former Nurse Follows His Passion to Welding
“After four years of pursuing and receiving a nursing degree at the University of Central Arkansas, Ragland took a job as a registered nurse for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, MO.

‘I enjoyed being a nurse,’ explains Ragland. ‘But I always enjoyed working with my hands – I was thinking about my future.’ Ragland had heard from friends who received their welding certificate from the Arkansas Elite Welding Academy and were doing well. In November 2018,  Ragland decided to leave his nursing job for what he calls a life-changing experience. ”

Welding Events

Plastics Conference
Apr 30, 2019

AWS developed this conference featuring the latest advances in manufacturing, fabrication, installation and examination related to thermoplastics welding and joining.

May 7, 2019 – May 9, 2019

Join tens of thousands of industry professionals May 7-9, 2019 at FABTECH Mexico!  The event takes place at the Cintermex in Monterrey, continuing to co-locate with the established AWS Weldmex and Metalform Mexico.

Welding Supplies on Sale

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