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Upgrade to the Lincoln Power MIG 256 with a $500 Rebate

The Lincoln Power MIG 256 offers the power of a light industrial welding and fabrication machine at a strikingly affordable price of $2,000 after adding on the Lincoln Electric $499 rebate on purchases during the current rebate promotion.

Double Your Savings on ESAB Welders and Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutters

The latest ESAB Welders and Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters are on sale right now with some of the lowest prices online combined with rebates up to $200! Plus, be sure to cash in on the promo codes listed below. 

Comparing the Millermatic 211 and ESAB EM 210

Welders looking for a new MIG welder on sale have their work cut out for them researching the many new machines on the market. This month we’re comparing two of our bestselling machines from Baker’s Gas and Welding: Miller’s Millermatic 211 and the ESAB EM 210.

Is It Time to Upgrade to the Millermatic 252 MIG Welder?

For welders and fabricators looking for a powerful and durable MIG welding machine that is easy to set up, use, and clean up, the Millermatic 252 from Miller Electric is worth a long look.


Welders Review the Miller Multimatic 200 All-in-One Welder

We’ve had over a year to watch welders pick up the Miller Multimatic 200 multi-process welder, and the reviews have been just about 100% positive. From hobby welders to small welding shops, welders of all skill sets and interests are finding these powerful, sturdy machines

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Holiday MIG Welder Sale: ESAB MigMaster 215 Pro Package

The ESAB MigMaster 215 Pro Package 208/230V is listed with a $150 discount that includes free UPS ground shipping at Baker’s Gas and Welding during this year’s holiday sale, which ends on December 19th, 2014. This is a great time to pick up a heavy-duty,


Get the New Millermatic 141 or 211 on Sale Today

Miller’s updated Millermatic MIG welders are now on sale, and the 141 and 190 models preserve everything that made these machines bestsellers for online welding stores and favorites in welding shops. They’re ideal for hobby welders and professional fabricators, auto repair shops, or farmers.

Weld Anywhere with a ESAB MiniArc

During the month of October you can pick up an additional 10% off of the already discounted ESAB welders at Baker’s Gas and Welding. If you need a top quality welder that you can use in a variety of locations, the various ESAB Miniarc 161

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6 Flux Core MIG Welding Tips

MIG welding with fluxed core wire is significantly easier to set up than MIG welding with shielding gas. When you enter shielding gas into the mix, you have to make sure you have enough gas flowing into the weld joint in order to shield the.

How to Use a Low Amperage MIG Welder

Sometimes you’ve got a simple MIG welder in your shop and you need to ask a lot of it for a large to medium project. If you can’t pick up a machine with more amperage, your best bet is to carefully use your lower power...

What Is the Best Welder for Welding Projects?

As you plan the welding projects you want to knock out in the coming year, it’s a good idea to pause and consider what kind of welder will best meet your needs. 

Find the Best Value Now in a Thermal Arc 3 in 1 Welder

The current sale on Thermal Arc welders at Baker’s Gas and Welding provides an extraordinary opportunity to pick up a versatile and reliable 3 in 1 welder at a highly competitive sale price. With so many options to choose from, here are some specs to

Welding Project: Cutting Table Dolly

Hauling a larger welding machine or plasma cutter around the shop can be tough if you don’t have a welding cart among your welding supplies. However, some of the larger welding and cutting tables can be quite tough to move around as well.

Welding Project: Weld Your Own Lamp

During the winter months, the best welding project is something you can do indoors and, best yet, use indoors as well. In fact, welding your own lamp is the perfect indoor welding project for the winter since it also provides light. If you’re looking for...

Get the Best Price on a 3-in-1 Welder

Some of the best selling welders at Baker’s Gas and Welding are the 3-in-1 welders that provide MIG welding, stick welding, and TIG welding all in one machine. The Thermal Arc Fabricator 181i 3 in 1 MIG/TIG/STICK Welder provides all of the features welders are

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Welding Project Inspiration for the New Year

As you make plans for the new year, take a little bit of time to consider the various welding projects you could try out during vacation or on a weekend. Welding projects can serve a variety of purposes: making gifts, making products to sell on...

Welding Supplies Stock Up Sale for the Holidays

Spend more time with your family (and your tools) this holiday season by shopping at the Baker’s Gas and Welding online store where there’s free shipping for many essential welding products. Better yet, most of Baker’s inventory is already being offered at a discount. 

MIG Welder for Sale with Welding Tips

When you’re shopping for a new MIG welder on sale, you’ll have to look through a wide variety of settings, options, and add-ons that you may or may not need depending on the size of your shop or the nature of your welding projects.