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Get the Best Price on a 3-in-1 Welder

Some of the best selling welders at Baker’s Gas and Welding are the 3-in-1
welders that provide MIG welding, stick welding, and TIG welding all in one
machine. The Thermal Arc Fabricator 181i 3 in 1 MIG/TIG/STICK Welder provides all of the features welders are looking for in a multi-process welding machine as well as a highly competitive price that makes it a top selling welding product.

The Thermal Arc Fabricator is a portable 33 pounds and provides a wide range

of power settings that make it ideal for both small and large jobs. It is
designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Here are some of the more specific
features you can expect to find…

MIG Welding with the Thermal Arc 181i

The Thermal Arc 181i comes with voltage control to help you make better
starts on your weld, as well as inductance control for better arc stability and
the reduction of spatter. This makes the Thermal Arc 181i ideal for both
experienced and new welders who may need a little help getting their arcs
started and making clean welds.

Another important feature for MIG welders is its capacity for both 4” and 8”
spool guns that gives a wide variety of spool sizes for welding aluminum. A
spool gun is essential for MIG welding aluminum unless you enjoy yanking balled
up MIG wire out of your gun when it can’t feed properly. Spool guns feed the
wire directly into MIG torch in order to prevent jams.

Stick Welding with the Thermal Arc 181i

Starting a stick welder with a tight arc takes a good burst of power, and the
Thermal Arc 181i makes that much easier to do by providing a hot start feature.
This burst of power will eliminate one of the most frustrating aspects of
welding for beginners.

Another popular feature on stick welders is adjustable arc force control that
makes it easier to keep your stick welding electrode positioned correctly in the
weld joint, ensuring you have a clean, stacked weld.

TIG Welding with the Thermal Arc 181i

TIG welding is the most specialized welding process, and naturally the TIG
welding features on the Thermal Arc 181i are the most extensive. Here are a few
features that TIG welders will love:

TIG Lift Start: If you need to weld with a bit more power, the lift TIG start
makes it easier to get your arc going as you set to work with your welder.

Downslope control: This saves you from leaving a crater at the end of your
weld. While this may seem like a luxury, TIG welders will especially find this
feature useful because the margin for error is especially slim for a TIG welding

Trigger Control: TIG welding is a tricky process because you need to lay wire
with one hand while welding with the other. The trigger control latch lets you
keep the welder going so that you can focus on both the puddle and the filler
metal you’re feeding in. You’ve got enough going on while TIG welding, the last
thing you need to worry about is fatigue to your finger. This is especially good
for bigger projects.

Quick Change Polarity: Simple quick change polarity (no tools required) from
the front of the power source makes it possible to change your settings on the
go without having to leave your work piece. And let’s admit it, by making the
settings easier to tweak, most of us will be more likely to choose the best
settings for each work piece.

Some additional features include:

Overload Protection: Shuts down the power source to protect the internal
electrical components from overheating. This is a must-have feature in every
welder, as it acts as a kind insurance policy that protects your investment in a

Intelligent Fan Control: Operates when welding commences to cool components
& reduce airborne contaminants pulled through the power source.

Get the Best Deal on a Thermal Arc Fabricator 181i

The Thermal Arc
Fabricator 181i is currently being offered with both a discount and free
shipping at Baker’s Gas and Welding.

Be sure to check out the specs for yourself, read some reviews, and look into
all of the extra products you can add to it in order to make it more functional.
Don’t forget that Baker’s also routinely runs promotions for specific brands, so
check out the home page to find all of the best deals on welding equipment.

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