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Welding Supplies Stock Up Sale for the Holidays

Welding Supplies Stock Up Sale for the Holidays

Spend more time with your family (and your tools) this holiday season by shopping at the Baker’s Gas and Welding online store where there’s free shipping for many essential welding products. Better yet, most of Baker’s inventory is already being offered at a discount. So you can save money on the welding supplies you need for your shop and have them delivered completely hassle free. What are the essential welding supplies you need? Here are some ideas for equipment upgrades or important gear to have on hand:

Welding Jackets (Free Shipping)

Basic welding safety calls for long sleeve cotton shirts since cotton won’t catch fire like synthetic materials when a spark lands on them. In order to practice better safety for both yourself and your shirts, consider picking up a welding jacket on sale at Baker’s this week. You’ll be able to stay warm without ruining one of your existing jackets. In addition, welding jackets protect your arms and neck, the two places most likely to catch sparks while you’re welding. Don’t underestimate the importance of the neck protection that a welding jacket can provide!

In addition, welding jackets at Baker’s come in a variety of materials. For colder climates, top grain leather jackets will be ideal for welders. In a warmer climate a lighter flame retardant jacket will be lighter and safer than anything else in your closet. Other safety items include welding bibs, welding sleeves, and welding aprons—each are ideal for warmer climates or just welding in a shop all day without something bulky like a jacket.

Welding Gloves

There’s never a bad time to pick up a nice pair of gloves for either welding or for projects in your shop. Depending on the kind of work you do, every welder needs at least two pairs of gloves. One pair for welding and one pair, typically a less expensive pair, for any projects around the shop that don’t involve welding. For example, if you’re cutting some metal for a welding project, wear your work gloves rather than taking the risk of puncturing your high quality TIG gloves on the edge of the metal before you grind it down. If you have one of the newer 3 in 1 welders, you should also invest in a pair of gloves for each welding process since TIG gloves provide more dexterity for feeding filler metal but are too thin for the heat created during stick welding and MIG welding.

(Included in the Photo is Baker's Viking 3350 Deluxe Helmet Bundle)

Welding Helmets (Free Shipping)

Baker’s provides a wide variety of welding helmets for new welders, experienced welders, and professional welders. If you’re just starting out with welding and don’t expect to be working in too many tight or “out of position” locations, a basic
auto-darkening helmet with two sensors will get you started just fine. However, the top welding helmets, typically priced between $200-$300, will provide some fantastic features such as more sensors for out of position welds, a larger viewing area, a lighter weight, and additional shade and grinding options.

Grind mode is especially convenient if you plan to work on a number of lengthy projects that require grinding and welding repeatedly. You can just flip in between shades while you work instead of switching from helmet to goggles repeatedly.

Welding Packages (Thermal Arc – Free Shipping)

The Thermal Arc welding packages are a great option for new welders who don’t have all of the welding supplies necessary to get started—especially those who don’t know what exactly they’ll need in order to weld. Thermal Arc makes a 3-in1 welder, and every other kind of welder: MIG, TIG, and Stick, selling each with a package setup option that ensures you have the right torch, cables, regulators, electrodes, and a carrying case.

Welding Gear Bags (Free Shipping)

If you have to travel to a shop to do your welding or if you haul welding gear to work every day, Baker’s is also offering free shipping and discounts on a variety of welding gear bags. From backpacks to simple draw string bags to tool bags, there are plenty of different sizes and shapes to choose from.

Learn more about Baker’s Holiday promotions today.

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