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Weld Anywhere with a ESAB MiniArc

Weld Anywhere with a ESAB MiniArc

If you need a top quality welder that you can use in a variety of locations, the various ESAB Miniarc 161 packages for stick, MIG, or TIG offer a great price and excellent portability for new welders and experienced welders.

ESAB™s Miniarc Focuses Your Welding Arc

The MiniArc 161 simplifies the welding process by focusing the arc with its fixed hot start that allows you to strike an arc without having to strike the plate. You can just dive into welding with a hot start and then concentrate the arc into the weld joint with its Fixed arc force feature.

These features provide deeper penetration into the weld joint so that it holds together better for the long term. You™ll get a more accurate weld that has sufficient fusion with both of these features in the MiniArc 161. These are both popular features on many name brand welders, and ESAB makes them standard for its MiniArc 161.

If you opt for the TIG welding package, you can lift the tungsten when starting rather than scratching it to get a clean start. This prevents contamination of the welding electrode when it’s time to start welding.

Versatile and Portable Welding with the ESAB MiniArc 161

Although the Miniarc is small and portable, it can still pack a punch at 115 or 230 VAC, easily switching from one power option to another. Whether you have a small or large weld to work on, the MiniArc’s small size doesn’t limit your welding power and can be plugged in wherever you need to weld.

In addition, while some welders weigh 50 or 60 pounds, the MiniArc only weighs 18 pounds, making it ideal for welders who work on projects at home or who need to weld at a variety of locations. Its heavy-duty carrying case and shoulder strap will limit strain and protect the welding machine from damage when transporting it.

The Miniarc also comes with MIG, TIG, or stick welding packages that fit each welder’s particular welding challenges, and it also offers the option of switching between TIG and stick.

The ESAB MiniArc 161 Is Safe and Easy to Use

Beginning welders who may be new to a limited duty cycle when welding at higher temperatures will benefit from the thermal indicator that protects the machine from overheating. Whether you’re welding for a longer span of time or the machine’s airflow becomes blocked, your investment in this welder is guarded by ESAB’s thermal overload protection feature.

If you’re new to welding, you’ll especially love the simple user interface and amperage knob that also allows you to switch between stick and TIG welding options with the flip of a switch.

Basic Welding Gear

ESAB MiniArc 161 package includes a ten foot welding cable, a clamp, and an electrode holder.  The MiniArc is a fantastic option when you need a solid, dependable welder that is portable and durable.

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