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What Does Auto-Set™ on a MIG Welder Do For Me?

What Does Auto-Set™ on a MIG Welder Do For Me?

Today’s guest post is by John Swartz of Miller Electric:

Before we even talk about the benefits of Auto-Set™ for MIG welding, first ask yourself this question: “What is my time worth to me?” In the business world, the old adage is that “Time is money.” The same concept also applies to the hobbyist doing a project on the weekend. The difference however, is that the currency we’re talking about for them comes more in the form of valuable free time that could be spent doing other things. Out of both these scenarios, Miller’s Auto-Set™ was born and incorporated into our Millermatic™ MIG machines. 

Getting MIG Welding Done Faster 

The faster welders can set their welding machines, the sooner they can start MIG welding and working toward completing their projects. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about having to weld 50 of the same parts in a shop or welding in a patch panel on a classic car project on a Saturday afternoon. The faster those jobs get done, the happier the person who is welding.

Unfortunately, in the past, a lot of time was spent getting the voltage and wire feed settings just right to get those projects done. In many cases there was trial and error involved that took even more time (especially if there was some grinding of bad welds and re-welding as part of the process). This was made even more difficult for the novice welder, who was first learning what voltage and wire feed speed even meant. Miller’s ultimate goal was to eliminate the guess work for MIG welding and the time wasted in getting the machine set, so the person welding can get the job started sooner.

Use What You Know for MIG Welding

You may or may not know what you are actually changing in the performance of the welding machine when adjusting voltage and wire feed speed. With Miller’s Auto-Set™ technology for MIG welding, you don’t really have to.

You simply need to use two variables that you know already to properly set your machine:

1) The diameter of the welding wire you are using.

2) The thickness of the material you are welding.

Based on these two variables, Auto-Set™ will automatically set the right voltage and wire feed speed to create a high quality weld. This easy method of set-up not only gets you welding faster, but also helps limit time wasted due to re-work.

Not Just for the Newbie MIG

There’s a misconception that Auto-Set™ is just for the individual who hasn’t welded that much or doesn’t know how to set up a welding machine. There’s no doubt that it benefits those individuals by shortening their learning curve, but Auto-Set™ is a benefit for the experienced welder as well.

As noted early in this post, time is valuable to everyone. Even experienced welders encounter the odd ball project every now and then. In those cases they too can reap the benefits of the easy and accurate settings that Auto-Set™ provides.

So, what does Auto-Set™ do for MIG welders? In short, it saves you time by making set-up faster and easier.

Learn more about Miller Electric’s MIG Welders with Auto-Set at Baker’s Gas and Welding.

John Swartz
Marketing Manager, Integrated MIG Systems
Miller Electric Mfg. Co. An ITW Company

John Swartz has been in the welding industry for the past 15 years. In addition to his current role of Marketing Manager of Miller’s Integrated MIG Systems product line, he has also held Product Management roles where he has been in charge of Miller’s Arc Armor safety line of apparel and their Commercial TIG product line. 

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