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Welding Project Inspiration for the New Year

Welding Project Inspiration for the New Year

As you make plans for the new year, take a little bit of time to consider the various welding projects you could try out during vacation or on a weekend. Welding projects can serve a variety of purposes: making gifts, making products to sell on the side, practicing welding skills you can use elsewhere, and simply creating useful items you can use around your home or property. 

Popular Welding Projects in 2012

Some of our most popular welding projects from 2012 will help you get started by providing plans, pictures, and suggestions for modifications.

How to Weld Your Own Bar: The beauty of this project is that anyone who can weld a basic table can take the next step of welding a bar or kitchen island with storage shelves a custom top. The nice part about this project is that a novice welder can “hide” most of his weld joints since you’ll be enclosing the metal frame that you’re welding together. That certainly takes the pressure off for beginners!

How to Weld a Tool Bench: This tool table, which is designed to go on wheels, is another conceptually simple welding project where you need to carefully measure and frame the table, but otherwise, there aren’t any surprises that could throw off your entire afternoon. The design for this project is fairly simple and easy to customize. You could also use these plans to make a welding machine cart.

How to Weld a Desk: If you want to make a great gift for someone in your family, you could weld a custom desk. Desks don’t need quite as much support as a tool bench or a bar, so you can save on lighter duty materials. Desks are both useful and simple in design, so they’re a great place to start if you’re relatively new to welding.

How to Weld Gates Outside: If you’re looking for a welding project that is a little more technical and involves fitting together some special pieces, you could also look into our popular gate welding project for your yard or garden. You can also customize this project with your own metal designs.

Welding Project Inspiration

If you don’t necessarily need full plans for a welding project, check out some of these popular welding sites for additional ideas and then pick up the supplies you need on sale (usually with free shipping) at the Baker’s Gas and Welding online store.

Pinterest Welding Projects: These ideas range from simple projects you can crank out in an afternoon to far more complex projects that could take quite a bit of time. The Pinterest list is especially helpful for welders who have various metal odds and ends around their shops and who need some creative ideas about what to make with what they have.

WeldingWeb’s Welding Projects & Pictures: WeldingWeb is a great online forum for asking questions and learning from other welders. The best part about the project threads in a forum is that some welders may give projects posted a shot and offer critical feedback. If you’re working on a project and don’t know how to fix a problem, you can also post questions and get immediate feedback from other welders.

Flickr’s Welding Projects: Another great source of welding project inspiration is the welding stream at Flickr. You’ll find intricate welding projects and simple welding project ideas. If you don’t need plans or to ask questions, this is a great site to use for ideas.

Welding Supplies for Welding Projects

Don’t forget that Weld My World has also put together some popular gift-giving guides that have been custom-made for welders who are either professionals or hobby welders at home.

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