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Holiday MIG Welder Sale: ESAB MigMaster 215 Pro Package

Holiday MIG Welder Sale: ESAB MigMaster 215 Pro Package

The ESAB MigMaster 215 Pro Package 208/230V has been replaced by the ESAB Rebel Line of machines. Machines that are similar to the MigMaster 215 are the Rebel 215 and Rebel 205.

A Portable MIG Welder

The ESAB MigMaster 215 Pro weighs over 200 pounds, but it comes with four large wheels that make it easy to move around your welding shop. You don’t need to worry about lifting it or keeping it stable on a welding cart. It comes ready for any shop environment.

A Versatile MIG Welder

You can easily weld a variety of metals in several ways with the ESAB MigMaster. You can switch from solid wire with shielding gas to flux-cored wires. If you’re working with aluminum, you can add a spool gun without missing a beat. The solid galvanized metal casings and durable wire feeders keep this welder running for the long haul no matter what projects you need to tackle.

Whether you’re welding in a hot or cold climate, this MIG welder can operate at 14 degrees or at 104 degrees. Wherever your welding work calls you, this machine can handle an extreme range of temperatures.

A MIG Welder That’s Easy to Use

The ESAB MigMaster comes ready to weld with this included welding package:

  • Console with wheel kit installed
  • 15 ft. (4.5 m) Gunmaster 250-amp torch
  • 10 ft. (3 m) power cord
  • 10 ft. (3 m) work cable
  • R-33 FM580 regulator/flowmeter
  • spare contact tip
  • 10# spool of 87HP .035

In addition, the ESAB MigMaster comes with welding software that will help you determine your wire speed once you input the thickness of the metal as well as calculating your burn back time adjustment and spot welding time.

When it’s time to strike an arc, the creep start and inching features make it easy to start welding without a lot of frustrating false starts.

And you won’t need to worry about overheating your machine if you outpace your duty cycle. You can count on ESAB’s thermal overload protection to keep your machine safe within its set parameters. The fan in the MigMaster also keeps your machine cool and safe while you work.

A MIG Welder with Lots of Power

The ESAB MigMaster provides all of the power most welding shops will need, with a 20% duty cycle at 250A/23V. With all of that power at your fingertips, you can also switch to 110A/19.5V and run at a 100% duty cycle.

This wide current and voltage range means you’ll be hard pressed to find a project that is too big or too small for this machine.

Pick Up a Discounted MIG Welder Today

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Take a look at the new ESAB Rebel Lineup here!

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