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Beginner Welding Project: Weld Your Own Desk

Welding a desk is one of the easier welding projects that can also produce a
very functional piece of furniture for your home. If you can find some wood that
you can refinish as the desk top, this could also be one of the less expensive
welding projects.
The Materials for This Welding Project

You’ll begin this project by picking up some square tubing. You’ll need
enough to make a square frame for each side of your desk and to connect them
along the top on each side. You can also use either square tubing or angle iron
to connect the sides of the frame together in order to add stability to the
desk. While the picture above doesn’t show a connecting brace at the bottom,
you’ll want to at least put one along the lower back side so that the frames are
also connected along the bottom.

Planning This Welding Project

Whether you want to line up your desk with a particular chair or you want to
set it to a specific height, begin by measuring to find the ideal height of your
desk, taking into account the width of the wood for the top.

The welder who posted this project used a Miller Multimatic 180 MIG
, but you can use a variety of different MIG
for a simple project like this one.

Getting to Work…

Begin by cutting the metal for the frame that will attach directly to the
desk and then tack and weld them together. You could build the side frames first
and clamp them onto the longer connecting pieces in order to weld them, but it
makes a lot of sense to begin with the frame that attaches to the desk to give
yourself a stable base you can work with as you add the side frames.

Once you have the welds done, you’ll want to grind them down and then use a
fine grit flap wheel to smooth them out. Depending on how you want to attach the
frame to the desk, you can predrill holes for wood screws.

You can then paint the metal frame once you’re done sanding, grinding,
and prepping the screw holes. Painting it before you attach it to the desk top
will make it possible to use spray paint, which will save you a ton of

The best part about this welding project is that it will cause minimal
headaches in general since the design for a desk is quite simple. Just make sure
you take your time to measure out each piece, make your cuts carefully, and then
take care to smooth out each weld joint.


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