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    TIG vs. MIG Welding in “Jay Leno’s Garage” [VIDEO]

    The man has over 100 cars, about 90 motorcycles and enough “Benjamins” in his pockets to continue buying more. Treasures aside, what Jay Leno doesn’t have is extensive welding knowledge.

    In a bid to learn more about MIG and TIG welding, Jay hooked up with Airgas engineer Ken Kosiorek on Under the Hood, an online video series with Bernard Juchli, Leno’s top guy.

    This video is one of many on Jay Leno’s Garage, a website featuring articles, blogs, photos, videos and more on Leno’s extensive auto collection.

    *Transcript follows



    Jay: Hi. Today’s Under the Hood segment is going to be about welding. This is Ken Kosiorek from Airgas. There’s probably more misconceptions about welding than almost anything else, and I start a lot of them ‘cause I know nothing about welding; Bernard is our expert welder.

    Why don’t we explain the difference between TIG welding and other types of welding.

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  • bakersgas

    Convert Your MIG Welder to an Aluminum Welding Machine With ‘Xtreme 4×4’ [VIDEO]

    Like any and every person that wants to make their dollar stretch, finding multiple uses for our tools is always a satisfying experience. In the video below, the hosts of Spike TV’s Xtreme 4×4 show us a way to do just that. Both entertaining and informative, you’ll learn all about alloy welding, how to convert that MIG welder to an aluminum welding machine and much more in this episode of Xtreme 4×4.


    Full transcript below the video




    Today we’re rolling up our sleeves to get down to the basics of how we create the great custom pieces you see on the show. It all starts with a welder; today on Extreme 4×4:

    • Welding aluminum
    • How to convert the machine you have
    • How a spool gun works, plus
    • How to make it all shine


    Ian Johnson (Host):

     Not too long ago here at Extreme we pushed all the projects outside, spent the entire day talking about MIG welders – specifically, how to MIG weld mild steel tubing. Now a lot of you guys wanted more information on that topic, and to be honest with you the MIG welder is one of the most versatile welders you can have in your shop. So today we’re going to talk about MIG welding again, but this time: aluminum.

    Aluminum is an alloy that is found everywhere in both the automotive world as well as the world of fabrication.

     Now when you’re fabricating with aluminum you can get it in a bunch of different forms. You can get large sheets of it, either smooth or textured like this piece here. You can get it in all sorts of different sizes and thicknesses of strips, bar stock, round stock, and even aluminum tubing. It can then easily be machined into items like this aluminum pulley, or in the automotive world you’re going to find it most commonly melted down, poured into a mold, cast into something like this cylinder head.

    Now when we say aluminum is an alloy, that means it’s not pure.

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