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Welding Videos to Watch this Weekend

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Though reference guides and books can provide invaluable help and are handy to reference when on the job, welding is hard to learn from a book. Sometimes a video fills the gap. We scoured the shelves of on and offline sources to find videos that will take your welding to the next level. These are some top picks for novice to experienced welders.

Learning to Weld

Learning to Weld, Directed by Rick Russell, starring Michael Vanvakaris, is well-suited for the beginning welder. Topics cover safety equipment, 4WD technique examples, animated diagrams, proper welding position, easy way to strike an arc, weld bead patterns, tips to better welding, field repair techniques, overhead and vertical welding, types of welding electrodes, preparing materials to be welded, using the Premier Power Welder to Arc Weld, connecting and controlling the welding current, MIG and TIG welding processes.

The video does strongly promote the Premier Power Welder, however it is a good overview for someone just getting started. There is lots of introductory info like how to hold the arc welder and how to lay the bead. You’ll appreciate the close-ups and examples of what makes a good weld.

Modern Marvels – Welding

If you like The History Channel, you’ll enjoy Modern Marvels – Welding. Chapters include welding by sound, underwater welding, and welding by robots. Highly recommended for shop classes, science classes, and those looking to gain an appreciation of the art that is welding. The DVD shows exciting 3D graphics, provides spellings, and definitions for common terms.

  If you’re a welder you’ll appreciate it even more.  The informative video touches on history and theory of welding. The video is comprehensive in the areas of how welding affects our modern life and entertainingly presented. You’ll come to appreciate that our way of life would not be the same without the technological advances of welding.

Advanced TIG Welding

This is the program for the advanced TIG welder. CoVell DVDs’ highly rated video covers welding chrome moly steel, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, bronze, copper, and titanium. You'll also learn how to weld aluminum, magnesium, and bronze castings. Guidelines are given for using  both pulse and waveform adjustments. The program highlights practical advice on machine setup, joint preparation, and weld finishing.

Advanced TIG Welding is clear and detailed. The instructions are easy to follow, and the close-up photography speaks volumes. Unless you are an advanced welder, you’ll want to watch the basic video first.



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