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Videos That Will Make you Want to Weld


Sometimes a career is chosen deliberately. Other times it just kind of happens. If you’re not sure about welding or want to inspire someone else to look into the career, these videos may be the persuasion you’re looking for. Listen, watch, and learn as celebrities, professors, employers, and every day folks extol the benefits of the welding profession.

Welding Engineering at OSU Promo


Ohio State University promotes welding engineering. Industries that require welding include automotive, biomedical, nuclear power, aerospace, and infrastructure. Welding engineers have the second highest starting wage of all engineering fields at nearly $60,000 per year.


Explore a Career – Welding and Pipelaying in Pipeline Construction


See pipeline construction and its latest technology. Both hand welding and auto welding is done on huge pipes used to transport energy resources. Multiple welding processes are used to join pipe for long term use. Pipelaying is highly technical today and standards are high. Welders are expected to perform precisely and get each weld right the first time. Watch the video to see welding and pipelaying of Canada’s mainline.

Rig Employment


Instrumental only video, with shots of job openings. Video description asks if you’d like to earn $250-400 per day. Video is to promote the website rigemployment.com. I particularly enjoy the honest description that the work is hard, but pay is good. Countless positions are available and many are entry level. Most require at least two weeks to a month away from home. If you’re willing to get dirty and work hard, you can make some very good money as a welder.

Do you have a favorite welding video? What got you into the profession? Please share your thoughts in the comments.



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