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9 Welding Project Videos to get you Inspired

Whether welding is your passion, your occupation, or both – sometimes a little inspiration is needed when you get in a rut. Check out these welding project videos for pictures, how-tos, and live action shots of welding projects. Some are done in home shops, others at their place of business, but they’re all pretty cool.

Bill Bry’s Welding Projects from billbry.com show more on-location welding projects than I can count. It’s even tolerable to watch without sound. And be warned, freelance welders, you might just covet his welding trailer.

Here is a short video, homemade chopper, East Elgin welding project Part 1, that shows a bike that started in a high school class.

As a gift MrMldillman builds a podium in Home Welding Projects For Beginners: How to Make a Teachers Podium.

Best Welding Video How To – Workbench by RC Experimental is a simple project. He shows you what materials are needed, tack welds the frame, shows how he grinds down the welds, and attaches the legs.

Jason Hobbs Welding projects video is more of a slideshow of projects, but features a pretty impressive snow basket that attaches to a CAT.

Wyogabe’s Fire Pit Project has a very cool swivel option and you can also cook over it! It has a grate holder that you can adjust just like an oven rack.

Bobby’s Farm welding projects video shows a patio table, rack for behind the camper that is large enough to carry three coolers, and corn hole tables (like bean bag toss).

Welding artist Zann Jones’ Welding Project – Little Guy is a creative project.

Here is a simple pencil holder project Art Home Welding Project by ArtStdTransylvania. It is a longer video, but includes basic welding tips, techniques, and tool info.

If you’ve done a project that you’d like to share, make sure to link to it in the comments below.



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