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Welding Video: Welding [Exhaust] Tubing

Exhaust weld


Most of the welding project videos here show techniques for welding two flat pieces together, side by side. While it’s certainly possible that this type of “straight” welding may be the most commonly done, flat pieces of metal aren’t the only shapes being welded together.

If you’re restoring a hot rod, repairing an old pipe, assembling your own Tin Man costume for Halloween, or doing one of the countless other tasks that could involve welding tubing, you’ll need to know how to get an even weld in a rounded join.

The video below, produced and uploaded to YouTube by V8TV, shows how to weld tubing together. V8TV is filmed in an auto body shop, so this approach is from the perspective of exhaust tubing, but the concepts are widely applicable.


Notes and Tips from the Video:

  • A MIG welder is used, but a TIG or a stick welder could also be used.
  • The technique begins with a series of short tack welds around the joint.
  • The MIG welder’s settings are very hot – almost as hot as the welder can go.
  • The weld time is set to about half a second, so that the tacks are quick, hot, deep, flat, and even.
  • The pause time is turned off to conserve gas.
  • Tacks are made close together space-wise – nearly overlapping each other – to make a solid weld. Each tack needs to cool before the next tack. 
  • Once the weld is completed, you can run the tubing through a belt sander for a completely smooth finish.

Your Turn

What projects have you done that required you to weld tubing? What are your own best tips for this kind of weld?  Do you prefer to use a MIG, TIG, or stick welder? Leave a comment with your thoughts – we’d love to hear them!

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