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Post-Weld Cleanup The Right Way


I figured “Practice Clean and Proper Post-Weld Procedure” would be too annoying to read, say, and think about. Moving on. . .

By now, many of you are on the final stage of whatever welding project you’ve been slaving over for the holidays. Just as a quick reminder, check out the video below on proper post-welding cleaning techniques.

If you need more tips on handling welding slag, check out the advice below by WC Welding:

Be sure to use the correct welding techniques on your projects. This is the best way to ensure smooth and strong beads, and it also reduces your chances of slag pockets taking shape.

Pay attention to current and torch travel speed. Use the correct settings for your project.

If forming multi-layer welds, remove slag and clean between each weld layer.

Let us in on what projects you’ve taken up this holiday season by leaving a comment below!



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