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There are a number of instructional videos for a wide range of welding topics.  Here is some information about a few of the more popular and highly-rated instructional videos.

1.  Tig Welding Basics by Ron Covell

80 minute long DVD can be purchased here.

This Tig welding DVD offers a step-by-step guide to the Tig welding process and is useful for both beginner and advanced welders.  Anyone can learn something from this video.  Longtime welders will discover a few uncommonly known tips and new techniques, while beginners will be able to learn the basics and see them in action on the video.

It’s like having a professor in your television set, except you don’t have to worry about being called on and him asking you a question.  Although, by the end of this video you’ll know the answers.

Some of the topics covered in Tig Welding Basics include how to calibrate proper machine settings, how to prepare joints, how to select and prepare an electrode, a number of different torch technique, and many more.

2.  Advanced Tig Welding by Ron Covell

111 minute long DVD can be purchased here.

This video will teach you all about how to make Tig weld castings made from magnesium, aluminum, and bronze.  In-depth guides on how to use pulse and waveform adjustments are provided and explained.

Other topics included in this video are how to weld with chrome moly steel, stainless steel, copper and titanium. 

It is recommended to watch this video after watching the first video that is listed above, unless your personal welding skills are already at a very advanced stage.  But even then, a brush up on the basics couldn’t hurt anybody. 

3.  Mig Welding Made Easy by Ron Covell

70 minute long DVD can be purchased here.

Mig welding is a very commonly used welding procedure.  However, most welders don't fully understand how each of the mig welding variables affects your weld.

This mig welding video teaches you everything you need to know about mig welding and does so in a fun and straight-forward way.  

This video is recommended for anyone who either wishes to start mig welding or for someone who has been mig welding for years but just wants a better insight into the entire process. 

In this video you will be shown, step-by-step, the entire mig welding process.  You'll also get detailed descriptions of variables and how each one affects the finished weld.  These variables include voltage, gun angle, wire speed, stick out, travel speed and gas flow.

You will also be shown in detail examples on doing plug welds, patch panels, and a special section all about how to weld aluminum and how to use flux core wire. 

This video comes with bonus footage all about plasma cutting.

Other Video Resources

While the links above in each video description will lead you to a site where you can purchase any or all of these DVD’s, here is another website that sells the above videos plus many others. 

At Northern Tool you can read customer reviews of a bunch of welding instructional videos and see how each video has been rated.

There are also resources online that will allow you to watch free videos through your computer, either through streaming or downloading.  One website that offers a number of short video clips for free is Muggy Weld.

Also, remember that YouTube has much user-uploaded content and is a good place to go for quick informative videos on specific topics.


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