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Miller’s Build with Blue is BIGGER at Baker’s

This season’s Build with Blue promotion is running through September 30th, offering $100 to $600 in rebates for select Miller Electric welders and plasma cutters, as well as additional cash or products from Baker’s Gas and Welding. 

Roundup of Welding News

The new Bay Bridge in San Francisco suffered set backs and problems that resulted from simple fabrication mistakes in an overseas factory. While many of the welds had to be redone by contractors on site, several key spans did not fit together as planned. 

Weekly Welding News

As the demand for high-paying, reliable middle-class jobs continues to grow and welding companies continue to post open positions, women have become an essential part of the manufacturing and welding workforce. Women have taken up highly technical manufacturing posts, as well as hands on,

Weekly Welding Roundup—Welding News

Amanda Propper moved to North Dakota in search of a high paying job in the oil fields. While she had welded in her early 20’s, she didn’t think she could handle that kind of work. She changed her mind when her brother offered her a

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The Secret to Long Engine Life

Today’s guest blogger is Chris Wierschke of Miller Electric. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way in keeping your welder/generator in top shape. Proper maintenance extends engine/welder life, ensures peak performance at all times, maintains reliability/avoiding costly breakdowns, prevents voiding warranty coverage, and maximizes...

Weekly Welding Roundup—Welding News

Welding students at Grayson College have found a way to use their welding guns to make their communities stronger. Over the past year several student welders have been working with their instructor to create works of art that are then auctioned off at charity fundraisers.

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Weekly Roundup – News in the Welding World

Spring is here and with it come many opportunities to start those welding projects you may have been putting off all winter.  It is also a great time to catch up on all the welding news you may have missed. Check out the industry news,

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New Ways of Looking at Safety for Welders

Sometimes we take safety for granted. Employers may regularly remind us of safety protocol. We read Fire Prevention for Welders. OSHA books may be handed to us. NFPA codes may be recited, but sometimes it's the simplest visual cues that do the trick to really

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How to Find the Best Welding Jobs and Welding Careers

In any discussion about the best welding jobs or best welding career, there are a variety of factors that need to be considered. There isn’t one perfect welding job, as they all have different benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, the key to finding the best welding

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Social Media is a Power Tool for Welders

Welders will be the first to inform you that the more powerful a tool is the greater the risks are. The same holds true for social media. While you can reap great rewards when you properly harness the power of the world wide web, there


Fire Prevention for Welders

It is easy to take for granted things that you work with everyday. (Have you ever seen someone who works with poisonous snakes, crocodiles, or tigers and thought, "Wow that is stupid"?) It is easy to become complacent, careless, or over confident. It is easy

Electric Welding Machines

Welding machines come in a variety of sizes and styles, but for today we are going to discuss electric welding machines.  In the early days of welding, electric welding machines were typically only found in industrial settings.  As technology advanced over time so did welding

The Humble Welding Apron, Don’t Overlook It

The little things often get overlooked, but anyone will tell you, “It’s the little things in life that matter.” Though seemingly quite humble and insignificant, a welding apron is essential protection from sparks and burning projectiles when welding. It is as essential as welding helmets,

How to Weld Using Cellulosic Electrodes

Cellulosic electrodes are covered electrodes where the covering is comprised of a high amount of cellulose. These types of electrodes are used primarily in stick metal arc welding and are favorites among welders because of their high level of penetration, accuracy, and their high endurance.

Finding Welding Work Overseas

With the current state of our economic and job situations, many welders are trying to find areas that they can branch into or to relocate to areas where welding is highly sought after.  Welders can make a lot of money when the economy is stable,

Top 10 Welding Video Tutorials

YouTube is totally jam-packed with helpful, informative and highly educational welding videos of all kinds. Just about any welding related question you can come up with – YouTube probably has a video with the answer.

How to Read Welding Blueprints

Architects and drafters commonly include welding instructions in their designs.  This ensures that the welder will know exactly how the architect wanted the welding to be performed.  These instructions often include which type of weld to be used, the size of the weld, how many

Welding Tips for Beginners

Every experienced welder was a beginner once.  Welding is a metal joining process that has been used for centuries, in different areas of the world.  Since it was first discovered, welding has seen many advances in equipment and technique.  This makes learning to weld a

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