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Creating a Safe Welding Work Environment

Welding is one of the most hazardous professions today.  Because of the dangers associated with welding there are certain safety precautions that need to be followed in order to create a safe environment in which welding can be performed.  Some of the risks associated with welding are the toxic fumes, the dangerous UV light and the ability for sparks to land and sometimes cause fires.  To help you stay safe and create a safer work environment we are going to list some tips that will help you stay safe while welding.

  • Before a welder picks up a welding torch they should first be wearing the appropriate protective clothing.  This includes wearing a welding helmet, gloves, jacket, welding apron, appropriate shoes and ear protection.
  • Avoid inhaling toxic fumes.  To do this it is highly suggested that you work in an area that has proper ventilation.  This will provide you with a supply of fresh air while you are welding.  You should also wear a respirator which will help reduce the amount of toxins that you inhale.
  • Drop your lighters.  Welders should never carry butane lighters in their pockets while they are welding.  Stray sparks can lead to conflagration.  Butane lighters are extremely powerful and when they explode it is the same as igniting three sticks of dynamite.
  • Take care with your cylinders.  Properly handling compressed gas cylinders is critically important.  Any time you must move a cylinder you should make sure that the caps are securely in place.  If the tank is empty, you should tighten the valve and mark them as empty.
  • Follow the appropriate steps when lighting or turning off your welding torch.  It is important to your safety that you follow all of the appropriate steps sequentially to avoid any accidents from occurring.
  • Create a dry work space.  It is important that your work space be dry and away from any moisture.  If you must work in a damp area you should place a piece of plywood on the ground so that your feet are not in water.  You should also wear rubber boots to reduce the risk of electrical shock.
  • Ground your equipment.  If you are performing arc welding this is an important step.  Properly grounding your welding equipment will keep you from experiencing electrical shock.

While these are only a few of the many safety precautions designed to keep welders safe and create a safe work environment, they should always be followed.  You are the one person who can ensure that you stay safe while working.

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