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Welding Equipment and Consumables May Exceed $7 Billion in the US By 2015

The demand for welding equipment and consumables in the United States is expected to increase by six percent a year, reaching $7 billion dollars by 2015.  Increases will be due to the fact that United States is recovering from the recession that was experienced from

Spot Welding Explained

Spot welding is performed by sending an electrical current through two pieces of metal creating a weld at the spot where the electricity was introduced.  Spot welding requires the welder to use two copper electrodes combined with the thickness and density of the metals being

Why Welders Make Good Entrepreneurs

If you're a welder and have wondered about breaking out on your own, the idea might not be too far-fetched. In the UK the average entrepreneur is a 36-year-old male working in the construction industry. Whatever your age or gender, welders make good entrepreneurs because

Welding Poetry

Because everything exists and because even welders have a softer side, here is a collection of welding related poetry. Enjoy! (If you're brave enough, share your own poetry in the comments below.) "The Welder's Weld" by Sonia Balcer Wherefore must I wear a mask when

Earn Extra Money Publishing Your Own Welding eBook

If you’re a veteran welder with years of experience in the welding trade, your practical knowledge and expertise represents a goldmine opportunity to earn great money by publishing your own welding eBook. Skilled Trades Welders As you’re probably aware, the demand for skilled trades workers,

Welding with your Smartphone, 7 Best Apps for Welders

Just in case you needed another reason to be on your phone (or to finally upgrade to a smartphone); here are the best applications for welders with smartphone technology. Start using your smartphone to do, well – smart things. Welding Parameters Set-up Guide Brought to 

How to Become a Certified Welder

In the early days of welding, many welders were not required to become certified.  Welding was just seen as a useful tool that was learned while working.  Today, it's more common for welders to be required to be certified before being hired for a position

A Resume for Welders

It's a simple paper that documents your professional achievements, predicts your future employment, and is terrifying to compose. There is no possible way that a single job title or resume can sum up all your duties and responsibilities, but we can try to help step by step!

Welders and Unions, the Pros and Cons

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, "More than one-fourth of welders belong to unions." There are a variety of benefits available to union members. Benefits depend on the union's collective bargaining agreements. Unions fight for increased wages, better healthcare, safer working conditions, and retirement benefits.

Welding Wrought Iron

Wrought iron has many uses: it can be used as a decorative item such as gates and doors; or it can be used as a security measure where it is used to protect windows and other vulnerable areas of a building or home.  Because wrought


Maintaining Your Underwater Diving Gear

All welders know the importance of maintaining their gear in order to prolong the life of it as well as that of the welder.  Properly working gear is one of the most important tools any welder can have in their arsenal.  Any imperfection in any

Lincoln Electric Product Selection Expanded

  Lincoln Electric is a very popular company in the welding industry. They supply the equipment and consumables needed for welders around the world to do their jobs.

Federal Helium Reserve Nearly Depleted

Helium is a gas that is used in many different fields. One of the most common and well-known uses is in the welding industry. Welders depend on helium for many applications and the thought of any reserve, whether private or federal, being depleted is sobering.

New Welding Jobs Coming to Montana

Stinger Welding is a well-known welding company. The company has been working on building a new fabrication plant located in Libby, Montana. Recently, the company was given $17 million dollars to finish the plant. Construction on the new plant began in 2009. Because of a

Beginning a Welding Business

Have you ever considered starting your own welding business? Like any business it is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it is a very risky proposition. New businesses are prone to failure but if you are careful, plan your business well, and work

AWS Welding Fabricator Certification Awarded

The highest standards for welding companies are those that are set by the American Welding Society (AWS). The society's standards are so high that many companies are never able to meet them. When a company does meet the standards, then the company has earned the

Tips on Choosing a Welding Helmet

Safety is an important concern for any welder. A welding helmet protects you from burns and from the light of the welding arc, which can cause damage to your skin and eyes. The more complete the protection you use while welding, the safer you are


Southwest Louisiana in Need of Welders

More and more people are finally beginning to understand what those who have worked as skilled labor have known for years: the number of new skilled laborers is declining. For years, high school students have been told to pursue college degrees in fields such as