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The Humble Welding Apron, Don’t Overlook It

The Humble Welding Apron, Don’t Overlook It

The little things often get overlooked, but anyone will tell you, “It’s the little things in life that matter.” Though seemingly quite humble and insignificant, a welding apron is essential protection from sparks and burning projectiles when welding. It is as essential as welding helmets, protective shoes, clothing, and gloves. It would be easy for a seasoned welder to take for granted safety precautions they perhaps were more diligent with in the past. Considering safety equipment periodically is essential. Is your welding apron in good repair? Could it be time to replace this staple? What are the features you should look for when choosing a welding apron?


Some welders prefer aprons that wrap, tie, or clip at the waist, protecting from waist to knees. A full welding apron, which looks like a chef’s apron, provides additional coverage and protection. A full welding apron secures over the shoulders or behind the neck, as well as wrapping around at the waist. Varying lengths may be available. Consider how you weld when picking an apron. Longer may be better for safety, but you’ll need to weigh that with mobility and practicality. Split leg bib aprons provide both coverage and mobility.


A quality welding apron will be made of extremely durable leather that won’t ignite as sparks catch the apron. Flame retardant cotton and cotton sateen welding aprons are available. Be aware that some items treated with flame retardant lose their flame resistance after laundering. Denim or cotton shop aprons are available for very reasonable prices. Find an apron that has the right combination of strength and comfort.


Welding aprons may come with a handy utility pocket. Clips or buckles may be more convenient than ties, but this is personal preference. Some aprons are sewn with Kevlar thread or have reinforced stitching. Of course, no exposed metal should be on a welding apron.


The price/value ratio is important to consider. Though you’ll want to stay within your budget, consider purchasing the highest quality you can afford. Waist aprons may be very inexpensive. The bib apron will cost a little more but is worth it for the added protection.

Get your Apron

Your favorite welding supplier has a wide variety of welding aprons to choose from. View aprons from Baker’s now. Don’t just buy the first one you see, check that it has the features you’re looking for. Because aprons are so affordable, many welders choose to have a variety of aprons so they are prepared for different types of jobs.

How many aprons do you have? Any features you can’t live without? Please comment below.



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