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How to Weld Using Cellulosic Electrodes

How to Weld Using Cellulosic Electrodes

Cellulosic electrodes are covered electrodes where the covering is comprised of a high amount of cellulose. These types of electrodes are used primarily in stick metal arc welding and are favorites among welders because of their high level of penetration, accuracy, and their high endurance and long functional life. When a piece that you are working on requires that the mechanical properties of the welded material are of utmost importance, it is recommended that cellulosic electrodes be used. Cellulosic electrodes can be used to weld in any position and are very easy to use when vertical down welding is required.

To begin welding with cellulosic electrodes you would begin in the same manner as with any other electrode. Turn on the electrical power supply that powers your welding machine.  Once this is done an electric arc will be created whenever an electrode comes into contact with any grounded metal surface. Next, you will want to insert the cellulosic electrode into the electrode holder and position the cellulosic electrode slightly above the metal that you are going to be welding.

Once you have successfully inserted the cellulosic electrode into the holder you will want to swing the electrode down with a twist of your wrist. This action will cause the cellulosic electrode to scratch the metal that is going to be welded. Now, slightly raise the electrode from the metal creating an arc. At this point you will need to adjust the electrode angle so that it is 12 to 20 degrees from the vertical position and allow the cellulosic electrode to form a molten pool on the metal. It is important when using cellulosic electrodes that you keep the electrode angle and height constant as you weld.

To move your electrode once you have begun welding you should move your entire body not just your wrist.  Failure to move your entire body when welding will result in you continually being forced to change your welding angle. To maintain a straight angle while welding, remember to move as you weld not only your wrist and arm. During this process as the back side of the molten pool cools you will create ripples in the finished weld.

As with any welding technique, no matter what type of electrode is being used it is imperative for your safety that you always wear the proper safety gear. This includes wearing a welding helmet, the proper footwear and welding gloves. This safety gear will help protect you from any stray sparks caused by welding that may land on your clothing. No matter how small and fast you think the weld you are going to perform is there is always the chance for the unexpected to occur. For your safety and the safety of those around you it is important that all of the recommended safety procedures always be followed. They were designed to ensure that you remain safe every time you pick up your welding torch.



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