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Weekly Welding News

As the demand for high-paying, reliable middle class jobs continues to grow and welding companies continue to post open positions, women have become an essential part of the manufacturing and welding workforce. Women have taken up highly technical manufacturing posts, as well as hands on, highly intricate welding work.

Image source: CNBC

A recent CNBC story noted that women have proven to be just as able as men for welding work:

“Of course, whether men or women make better welders is debatable. But both genders being equal, some women, it turns out, have a knack for welding, which requires multiple proficiencies. An affinity for math and science. Artistic and spatial skills to conceptualize ideas. And maybe just as important, a temperament for precise work and hand-eye coordination.

“Women have steady hands and patience. And those are two very important things in welding,” said Becky Lorenz, a veteran professional welder and machinist.”

The rise of women in the welding workforce is just one of the many signs that welding careers are on the rise.


Welding Industry

Soft Metal Layer Helps Make Welds Stronger: “Scientists have found applying a soft metal layer before welding hard metals can act as a sufficient buffer to address fatigue behaviour in welded metal.

The research investigated the effects of tensile over-load (OL) on high-strength low-alloy steels which are widely used in the mining industry for equipment like storage tanks and excavator buckets.”

Local Welder Repairs Chair Lift for Free: “Dyanna Wedgwood, who is disabled and relies on the chair to lift her into a standing position because her knees are weak, remembered there was a welding company located near her apartment, so she gave Royer Welding and Maintenance a call.”


Welding Jobs

New Hampshire College Prepares Welders for Jobs: “Great Bay Community College and the Seacoast School of Technology have come together to create an adult welding certification program. Officials say the program will fill a growing void in the country’s workforce for trained welders.

‘I’ve been in the field my whole life and now I’m training people,” said SST welding teacher Jonathan Theberge. “I see the demand; I see the need for skilled welders.’”


Welding Education

Wisconsin Welding School Receives Grant: “Western Technical College will receive more than $121,000 from the state to teach welding to unemployed or underemployed workers who will be placed at area businesses once they’ve completed training.

The award was part of a $2.6 million package of grants announced Thursday by the Department of Workforce Development.”

State Funds Help Welding Program Expand: “The Taylor County School Board has approved a $380,000 expansion of Taylor County Technical Institute’s (TTI) welding shop, which is expected to more than double the capacity of the program.

At their meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 4, board members agreed to use $110,000 in state funds distributed to the district this year to expand career technical education (CTE) programs for the project.”

Victor Technologies Provides Supplies for Contest Winners: “Members of the Tennessee College of Applied Technology Newbern’s welding program participated in a contest sponsored by the Victor Technologies Company. The contest was for first/second-year welding students and it required the students to write an essay describing how cutting and welding has shaped their character, while also empowering them as technical professionals. The Victor Company’s goal was to see how students’ feel that their technical skills will help them be innovators in the future of the welding profession. Though thousands of entries were received, there were only three winners possible nationwide.”


Welding Gone Wrong

Farmer Burned in Welding Fire: “Heavy black smoke could be seen billowing Tuesday afternoon from a building on a farm in Earl Township, Lancaster County.

Garden Spot Fire Rescue Chief Larry Martin said a man was in a workshop when a spark from a welding torch hit an open can of gasoline, causing an explosion and fire.”


Welding Supplies

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