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How to Find the Best Welding Jobs and Welding Careers

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In any discussion about the best welding jobs or best welding career, there are a variety of factors that need to be considered. There isn’t one perfect welding job, as they all have different benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, the key to finding the best welding job or welding career for yourself is to figure out which kind of job is ideal for you as well as for your family. While it’s quite possible to make a lot of money as a welder, there are other jobs that pay less while offering benefits that may make a pay cut worthwhile.


Welding Jobs by Region

There are some great welding job opportunities on oil rigs, up north in Canada, and all over the world. Countries in the Middle East and the U.S. military are looking for welders, and those willing to travel around the world or to work in difficult conditions can make a lot of money in a short period of time.

Welding Jobs by Benefits

Working for a large welding manufacturing or construction company or with a union can bring excellent job security, benefits, and even a pension. Many welders who work with unions are happy with the work they have. The work is steady and that means the pay is steady as well, creating a more manageable pace for welders who would rather not travel to extreme locations.

Welding Jobs by Schedule

Some welders prefer to find a shop or company that allows them to work lots of overtime, others want a predictable routine working regular hours, and still others prefer to pack up their families for a few months and move to a job site such as a pipeline location, ship yard, or construction project where they can work long hours and make a lot of money before taking time off.

Welding Jobs by Highest Salary

Pipe welding, welding on oil rigs, underwater welding, and more specialized applications such as a materials engineer or computer welder can make a lot of money, but these jobs also bring high standards, a lot of stress, and a good deal of competition. There isn’t a lot of margin for error in these fields, and there are plenty of welders trying to find jobs where they can make top dollar.

Welding Jobs by Demand

Welding jobs come and go depending on demand. Sometimes finding the best welding job requires relocating or even becoming a bit nomadic, following the ship yards and oil companies around from job site to job site. In addition, it may be competitive to find a job as a welding instructor or inspector, but if you can land a position like that, you will most likely find a good deal of job security.

There is no “correct” or “ideal” welding job. A career in welding could involve a lot of travel and random hours, or a welding job could be steady and reliable. Sometimes you’ll need to take on a difficult job before you can move on to a more desirable position for your welding career. There is no perfect job out there, but there are a lot of great opportunities available for welders willing to work.

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