Social Media is a Power Tool for Welders

Welders will be the first to inform you that the more powerful a tool is the greater the risks are. The same holds true for social media. While you can reap great rewards when you properly harness the power of the world wide web, there are risks involved if you don’t take the time to learn how to use the tool right. Here is a quick overview of some of the tools you should consider adding to your marketing tool belt. These tools will allow you to improve communication, customer retention, branding, marketing, market research, needs assessment, and customer service.

Two way communication and a strong marketing strategy will engage your customers or clients and keep them interested in your organization. Enhancing word of mouth advertising and staying top of mind in the mind of potential clients is the most cost effective way to improve sales


Facebook is arguably one of the most effective means to market your welding business online. With 845 million users, chances are your target market is on Facebook. To get the most from this tool for your business, focus on building relationships, showing yourself as a subject matter expert, and educating your audience. Set up a business page (not just a profile). Post regular updates; share projects you’re working on, and include pictures and videos where possible. Use YouTube to host the videos. Use the application, Cueler to autofeed uploaded videos from YouTube to Facebook. Read Facebook for Business. Read marketing blogs about Facebook


Video has huge potential to go viral and is a great way to showcase your welding projects. No doubt there is something that makes your business truly unique, something that you do better than anyone else. Video it and share it on YouTube. Be sure to customize your channel. Use an intuitive username and pack your descriptions with keywords that searchers might use to find you. Enjoy browsing additional YouTube marketing tips.


If you’re not familiar with Twitter, let me give you a crash course. The @ symbol is a handle for individual users or organizations. The # (hashtag) is for topics. Follow others in the welding industry, Baker’s Gas, potential clients, and marketing experts who will help you grow your business. Don’t just walk into the party and start talking about yourself. Listen (follow); find out the flow of the conversation before you start talking (tweet).


There is a lot of noise in the blogosphere. Not too many people actually follow a blog directly from the blog. But a blog is a great place to host content – FREE. Use NetworkedBlogs to autofeed your blog to all your other social media accounts. Post once on your blog and the application will allow the post to automatically show up on your Twitter, Facebook, and other accounts. (And you thought you didn’t have time to market on social media.)


LinkedIn is great for business to business marketing. It is also essential if you’re looking for a job or a freelance welder. Build a professional looking online resume and connect to other professionals.

Don’t spend all your time going social. Every welder needs a simple website.

Do you have a social media marketing tip that has worked for your welding business? Please share in the comments below.

Other Social Media

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