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Why Welders Make Good Entrepreneurs

If you're a welder and have wondered about breaking out on your own, the idea might not be too far-fetched. In the UK the average entrepreneur is a 36-year-old male working in the construction industry. Whatever your age or gender, welders make good entrepreneurs because they have the drive to make things happen.

Determination and Confidence

Welders have experience working hard despite frustrations and set-backs. Such trouble-shooting is required to run a successful business. You must be determined to press onward. Welders are not unfamiliar with long days. And long hours are required to get a business going. Welders know what it takes to get through the hard times. Confident welders with deep emotional reserves and the ability to approach the people you need to make your business succeed, will succeed. Those who've "worked in the trenches" are highly respected because they can prove they know what they're doing.

Reach out to commercial partners, potentially lucrative clients, and target customers and suppliers with confidence. If you can make phone calls to search for the best contracts and deals, that will help too. The foundation of any good sales pitch or presentation is passion for your work and confidence. The same passion will motivate staff and suppliers through the tough times. Passion is contagious. When people like working with you or buying from you they will become loyal to you and your business.


Welders know that ideas alone are worthless. Welders are go-getters that know how to make things happen. Entrepreneurs are risk takers who follow plans of action. Welders grab an opportunity when they see one. They take calculated risks. They do the math inside their heads (who knew that would come in so handy?) and know the probability of success. Welders don't just have ideas and talk, they make ideas into reality. A welder has seen projects literally come together as the fruitage of hard work. Welders also have a keen ability to see the big picture and view minor setbacks as just that, minor. They view failures as opportunities to learn.

Welders are also nonconformists. They tend to be independent souls, just like most entrepreneurs. If you find it difficult to work for others and want to set your own goals, you have something in common with many of today's most famous entrepreneurs.

If you spot an opportunity, have identified market gaps, new customers, or new product possibilities becoming an entrepreneur might be a logical next step. If you are optimistic, determined, confident, and willing to take action (including some risks) business ownership may be for you. You'll do well to read up on business finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship.



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