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Weekly Welding Roundup of News

Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines on November 8, 2013, leaving over 7,000 dead or missing, while also destroying the livelihood of many farmers. Coconut farmers were hit especially hard, as many trees were snapped to pieces in the high winds. 

Learn More About Friction Welding and How It Is Done

A recent Gizmodo article featured friction welding for pipes with seemingly otherworldly images and videos of pipes being forced together and then rubbed together so that an orange band forms at the weld joint before cooling. The metal pipes are joined without any filler metal

Bay Bridge In San Francisco Weakened By Welds Covering Large Gaps

The new Bay Bridge in San Francisco suffered set backs and problems that resulted from simple fabrication mistakes in an overseas factory. While many of the welds had to be redone by contractors on site, several key spans did not fit together as planned. 

The Rise Of Women In The Welding Workforce

As the demand for high-paying, reliable middle-class jobs continues to grow and welding companies continue to post open positions, women have become an essential part of the manufacturing and welding workforce. Women have taken up highly technical manufacturing posts, as well as hands on,

Young Welder Specializes in Stainless Steel TIG Welding

While Brie Jenkins, a welder from the Ozarks, made front page news when she won second place in the American Welding Society’s Oktoberfest held in Springfield, none of her classmates were surprised.

Manufacturing Jobs in Omaha

John Vyhlidal is out to convince students in Omaha’s high schools to consider “not” going to college. Instead, he’s offering high quality jobs at Tri-V Tool & Manufacturing. He visits job fairs and any other school in order to make his pitch, hoping to win over the

TIG Welding in Racing

Daniel Smith is a professional welder who started working toward his dream job at the age of 19 when he found a job working for Haas CNC Racing after graduating from the NASCAR Institute and the 5 Off 5 On Pit Crew University. Smith worked hard

Lady Gaga Sports Welding Helmet For New Album

Lady Gaga had everyone talking about why she’s wearing a welding face shield in a promotional picture for her new album ARTPOP. In the picture, Gaga is staring at a prosthetic arm with the welding face shield flipped up. Image Source: MTV Gaga took to

Friction Welding Improving Cost and Productivity

Zaddie Johnson grew up in Alabama working on farms, picking cotton and hauling hay. She had to work alongside her brothers, and when she married her husband, they moved near the shipyards in Mobile to find better paying work. Her husband got a job as

Old Oil Tanks Turned Into Sculpture For Oregon Library

The students in Paul Hogan’s welding class at C.M. Russell High School are giving the bike racks in Great Falls, Montana a major upgrade!

Durham Welder Creates Stainless Steel Memorial Tree

Welding isn’t just for pipelines and hot rods. In fact, some welders have found ways to donate their welding skills to the community by creating lasting memories of their loved ones. In the UK, a Durham Welder Created a Memory Tree: “A Durham welder has created

Welding Torch Lights Bright Future Path

A young welder is building on her successes along her path to technical college, industrial welding, and a hopeful career in her own welding shop. The Clarkston News reports: “Michelle Vought is lighting the path to her future with a welding torch. 

Welders Make Communities Stronger

Welding students at Grayson College have found a way to use their welding guns to make their communities stronger. Over the past year several student welders have been working with their instructor to create works of art that are then auctioned off at charity fundraisers.

Welder Retires after 30 Years of Work

After 30 years as Missoula’s Mr. Fix It, Bill Shorten is finally retiring. What did this welder do in his 30 years? The Missoulian reports: “Jack Stucky, superintendent of vehicle maintenance, said Shorten has saved the city a lot of money over the years. ‘During

Updates in the World of Welding

With the seasons changing and the holidays fast approaching, now may be the perfect time to work on some welding projects that can be used as gifts. 

Weekly Welding News Round Up

Welding is in the news lately because Apple’s revamped iMac is relying on a welding process for its ultra thin construction. And if that’s a surprise, this won’t be: many states are working overtime to train welders as they anticipate a shortage of skilled welders

UK Welding Shop Earns Movie Deal

This week we have top of the line welders on sale, an exploding job market for welders, and a new innovation in welding that could make a huge difference in the automobile industry. Image Source: USA TODAY Special Welding News UK Welding Shop Earns Movie

Sandvik Develops New Ultrahigh-Strength Stainless Steel

As the seasons begin to change from summer to autumn we are often reminded that our time welding outdoors is becoming limited. This realization often forces many welders to design and build a designated welding shop in or around their home.  Building your own personal