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Hazel the Welder Also Riveted with Rosie's WWII Sisters

How many people can say they have a wedding ring they welded themselves? With custom workshops springing up around the country, the number just might rise. Catch up on that story, welding news concerning jobs, programs and more from the last week of February in this edition of the Weekly Roundup. Enjoy!

Special News

Hazel the welder also riveted with Rosie’s WWII sisters

Sioux City’s Hazel Perrin did a bit of riveting like Rosie, the iconic working woman of World War II fame, but that wasn’t her specialty at the time.

The Rosalie, Neb., native, who will be 90 on March 9, spent most of her time welding. . . .

MHS welding students make heavy metal guitar

A new guitar has joined Muskogee’s guitar gallery — only this one is heavy metal.
Muskogee High School welding students crafted a 6-foot, painted metal guitar to complement the 8-foot fiberglass guitars seen around town. 

Welding Jobs

CS Wind welding jobs go begging – CANADA

Wind turbine tower maker CS Wind, which wants to hire 100 workers at its Windsor plant this spring, is having to look outside Canada’s unemployment capital to find enough experienced welders.


Welding Programs

Welding class available in Waldoboro

School Administrative 40 Adult Education is offering an Intro to Welding class at Medomak Valley High School in Waldoboro.

Perry Tech gets virtual welding machine for program

Yakima’s Perry Technical institute unveiled a new machine Wednesday to help students in its welding program.

Welding training center coming to Metcalfe – CANADA

Metcalfe village will soon be home to a new training facility to teach people how to become welders.


Welding Students

ICTC welding students earn certifications

Thirty-six Welding I students at Indian Capital Technology Center – Muskogee recently passed assessments and earned National Center for Construction Education and Education Research certifications in the following areas: safety core, oxy-fuel cutting, plasma cutting, gas metal arc welding and flux core arc welding.

Tustin High student receives welding badge

Robert Nelsen, a sophomore at Tustin High School and an Eagle Scout from Irvine’s Troop 856, is the first to win a new Boy Scouts of America badge.

Nelsen received the welding merit badge on Feb. 24, bringing his total merit badge count to. . . .

Buffalo Grove Students Build Battling Robots

Twenty-five Buffalo Grove High School students are spending one classroom period a day and untold after-school hours building from scratch four robots designed not to help out in daily tasks around the house, but to disable and otherwise maim other robots.


Welding Gone Wrong

Gas cylinders for welding recalled by Worthington due to fire hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Health Canada and Worthington Cylinders Wisconsin (Chilton, Wis.) announced a voluntary recall of Map Pro, Propylene and MAPP gas cylinders used for soldering, brazing, cutting and welding. The seal on the cylinders can. . . .

Welding accident leads to fire that destroys Wiscasset business

A welding accident led to a fast-moving fire that destroyed a Wiscasset business Sunday afternoon, said Wiscasset Fire Chief Rob Bickford.

Body shop worker killed in welding accident – CANADA

An auto body shop employee in Edmonton, Alberta, was killed and another worker was badly hurt during a welding accident inside the 4 Wheel Collision and Frame Shop Feb. 25.



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