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Portland Welder Commutes to Jobs on Bike

Portland Welder Commutes to Jobs on Bike

We all know that welding can be mobile, but just how mobile and flexible can a welding business be? This week, Portland welder Mike Cobb kicks off our welding round up by “peddling” his welding business…


Special Welding News

The Top Bike Commuter City is Portland (Even for Welders): The Bend Bulletin reports that even welders commute on a bike in Portland: “Mike Cobb pedals around town fixing iron hand railings and welding kettle stands for coffee-roasting companies. He built the frame on one of his six bikes himself and souped up his trailer with racing wheels and high-pressure wheelchair tires.”


Welding Industry

Lincoln Electric Acquires Wayne Trail Technologies Inc.: Wayne Technologies Inc. is an Ohio manufacturer of metal processing systems such as machine press automation, tube-bending and fabricating systems, hydroforming and structural framing machines, and tailored-blanking machines, as well as robotic welding and fixturing systems. Wayne provides Lincoln with greater experience and resources in system design and laser welding.

Thermadine Changes Its Name to Victor Technologies: The Rental Equipment Register reports that “Thermadyne Holdings Corporation has announced that it has changed its name to Victor Technologies Group, Inc. and the name of its wholly owned subsidiary Thermadyne Industries, Inc. to Victor Technologies International, Inc.”

Friction Stir Welding is Reliable and Affordable for NASA: As NASA works on its next Space Launch System, friction stir welding is proving indispensible for keeping the project on schedule and under budget.

Welding Programs

The Professional Welder Program at Tulsa Welding School: Train for a variety of welding careers in just 7 months.

Tulsa Welding School Adds Pipefitting Program: This program “provides comprehensive training that covers blueprint reading, mathematics, safety and plumbing codes and standards. Students learn how to work with various types of pipes, pipe systems installation, plumbing fixtures and more. Upon graduation, students are trained and equipped with practical ‘hands-on’ skills and techniques essential to start working in entry-level careers locally and nationally.”

OSU Graduate Degree in Welding: Covering a broad range of industry specializations, “Students with bachelor of science degrees in welding engineering or other engineering disciplines, such as mechanical, electrical, industrial, manufacturing and materials science, are ideal candidates for this program.” This is a big deal for Ohio! Also a little competition for the popular Ferris Welding program in Michigan! 

Welding Jobs

Stepping Up Training for Manufacturing Jobs: Industry Week reports that many manufacturing companies are stepping up their job training programs in order to fill anticipated vacancies that will come about with many impending retirements from their workforce. “Alarmed conversations about a skilled worker shortage in manufacturing are commonplace — particularly a shortage of skilled production jobs such as CNC programmers, electrical and mechanical technicians, machinists and other crafts people. Indeed, 67% of respondents to a 2011 survey by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute reported a moderate to severe shortage of available qualified workers, with 56% anticipating a worsening shortage over the next three to five years. Moreover, those percentages climb to 83% and 76% for skilled production positions.”

Large-Scale Welding Creates New Markets: Welding Design and Fabrication reports: “Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd… is developing welding capabilities to help it create new markets by expanding its portfolio for fabricating large components for the offshore oil-and-gas exploration.”

Demand High for Welders… Supply Lags: The Columbus Telegram reports, “According to the Nebraska Department of Labor, the demand for welders is expected to increase by more than 6 percent between 2008 and 2018 in northeast Nebraska. To accommodate this growth, approximately 10,000 of the workers would need to be hired in the 22-county region, taking the total welding positions filled to around 150,000.”


Welding Events

The Energy Boom Conference is Coming Up: The conference will take place on June 12–13, 2012 in San Diego, CA. Sign up at the American Welding Society page or visit the Energy Boom home page to learn more.


Welding Students

Kofa High School Students Advance to National Leadership and Skills Conference: The three students won the SkillsUSA Arizona Championship in the welding fabrications division by building the best welding table in under three hours, and are now preparing to advance to the national competition in Kansas City, MO.

Seniors from Galesburg High School Dominate Welding Competition: Galesburg High School won the Carl Sandburg College welding competition that tested welding students on shielded metal arc welding, oxygen fuel cutting and gas metal arc welding with seniors securing the top three positions.


Welding Gone Wrong

Welding Accident Injures One: The vapors from a tank filled with roofing tar ignited when a man started welding on top it and caused a flash fire. The welder fell ten feet to the ground and sustained non-life threatening burns and fractures. Story can be read on page 4 of the linked pdf.

One person injured in blaze started by welding: At a cheese manufacturing plant a fire was started in the late afternoon. A welder accidentally ignited a tarp causing a fire between the buildings.


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