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The Underwater Welder

The Underwater Welder

This week in welding we found that a welder made it onto the bestseller’s list. He ranked at number 6 this week for graphic paperback books.


Special Welding News

 According to the New York Times, “The Underwater Welder, by Jeff Lemire, enters our graphic books paperback best-seller list at No. 6 this week. It’s about Jack Joseph, a man feeling pressure because of his deep sea welding gig and the fact that he’s going to become a father. The introduction to the book, by Damon Lindelof, one of the creators of ‘Lost,’ compares it to ‘The Twilight Zone.’”

The book took a drive into his life and more importantly his career as in underwater welder. He answered questions and explained what it was like and what inspired him to join welding in this way. Challenging but rewarding you will have to check out his book to learn more about his path. 

 Welding and NASCAR goes hand in hand. Many crew members working on their own cars by making repairs and enhancements. This NASCAR driver took more interest than most and became a certified welder. Today he’s the crew chief for a winning NASCAR team.

 The best way to learn a new skill is to teach yourself just ask Shannon MacDonald. She complete taught herself how to fabricate to work on her 1924 Ford Model T. "She built herself with pieces collected over a five-year period. Reminiscent of the hot rods from the 1950s, the cut-down Model T roadster pickup has a 420 -horsepower Chevrolet V8 motor and five-speed transmission.”

Welding Industry

The only welder with 100% guarantee is made by ESAB. Ground breaking technology with a never heard of manufacturing backing. The call it the Iron clad pledge.

Miller Electric held a contest to nominate a welding hero. “After more than 11,000 online votes were cast, three welders have been voted the winners of the everyday welding heroes in the campaign. The winners include a 70-year-old grandmother, a contractor keeping the military fleet safe in Afghanistan and a former corporate manager who chose to become a welder.” 

Welding Education

 Right here in Toledo Ohio you can get your degree in welding. At Owen Community College you can now get you Associate of Applied Science with a major in welding. The school invested in virtual science to eliminate waste. The reality arc welder is a computer-based educational tool that allows users to practice welding techniques in a simulated environment.

Person using VRTEX® 360® Virtual Reality Welder


Kennesaw GA added a welding school. The welding program has become a popular choice as students gain interest making a living base on their skills. In just a few weeks someone can gain them a new skill that will last them a lifetime. “The school will begin offering the 15-week class to students later this month, after it receives its post-secondary license from the state. Classes will be held Monday through Friday, 35 hours per week. Open welding labs will be held at night.”

Almost every industry is looking for welders if you are considering a high fulfill career with a solid earning potential welding could be for you.

Welding Jobs

Currently still a big demand in North Dakota and other areas. “According to Job Service North Dakota, there are 61 job openings for welders, cutters and welding fitters listed online in the state, with 28 of them located in Cass County, four in Grand Forks County and two in Walsh County. Job Service projects the number of positions in the category to grow by 112 jobs a year, split half and half between growth coming from job creation and replacement of workers leaving their jobs.”

Welding Events

The American Welding Society hosts events all across the United States. Keep track of the latest welding industry events at the American Welding Society’s event page.

Welding Gone Wrong

 Sadly their was catastrophic welding explosion in Texas. A welder was killed after a gas tank he was working on exploded. "Like a boom. Like a bomb was being dropped off." Welding safety is critical when working with flammable gas. 

A fire Tuesday was accidentally  started by a welder. According to SeaCoastOnline welders work working in the vessel that sparked a fire. Damages are still being estimated and no one was injured.

For safety products and more shop Baker's Gas. Always free shipping and help service team. We do offer educational discounts for school and students.

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