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Texas Welder Builds Crates for Lions and Tigers

This week’s welding news includes lions, tigers, and lots and lots of tables…

Special Welding News

Welding Side Project Turns Into Welding Business: An Arizona businessman decided to try welding a patio table, but after finishing the first one, he became obsessed with creating the perfect table. Soon, his passion for welding turned into a new business.

Texas Welder Builds Crates for Lions and Tigers: When a Texas zoo needed crates for moving their big cats in the event of an emergency, a local welder stepped up to get the job done.

Welding Industry

Nominate a Welding Hero: Miller Electric is currently accepting votes for this contest that recognizes a welder who has made a significant contribution to a workplace or community. The Miller website reports, “Our top ten nominees include a 70-year-old California woman who was inspired to weld, a corporate professional who left behind his office chair for a torch, instructors who impact young lives everyday, a welder who ensures safety equipment is properly operating in Afghanistan, and others who qualified as welding heroes! ”

Lincoln Electric Announces a Cash Dividend: While some segments of the economy continue to struggle, Lincoln Electric continues to grow, reporting a cash dividend in the previous quarter.

Portland Barge, Railcar Manufacturer Picks Up Steam: The off shore oil and railroad industries have sparked continued growth at a Portland, OR welding plant.

Welding Programs

California Junior College offers welding program: Beginning on August 6, Jones County Junior College will be offering a welding class at the Clarke County Vo-Tech in Quitman, CA. According to the release, “The course will meet 5-9 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursday. Registration will be Aug. 6, the same night as class begins, with the course ending Dec. 13” and “will cover welding safety, Oxyfuel cutting, base metal preparation, weld quality, SMAW, equipment and setup, electrodes and selection, and bead and fillet welds.”

Fort Madison, Iowa High School Adds Welding Classes: After going years without a vocational training program, the school’s principal has initiated these new courses in light of demand and public support. “The welding program is being considered a stepping stone to creating a valuable and necessary skilled trades program based on math, science and technology at Fort Madison Community School District’s high school level.” In addition, the article reports, “Huffman Welding & Machine most recently donated $8,000, as well as used welding equipment and labor to help FMHS get its welding department safe and operational.”

Welding Jobs

Welding Training Program in West Virginia: The West Virginia Department of Education is currently offering welding classes in order to provide more skilled labor for the oil and gas extraction industries.

Australia Program Promotes Women in Welding: Manufacturer’s Monthly reports, “Queensland Government Assistant Minister for Technical and Further Education, Saxon Rice, launched the Women Who Weld initiative yesterday, and said it was encouraging to see the participants of the pilot program forge a new path and help combat Queensland’s skill shortages.”

Employers Attend “Reverse Job Fair” in Southern Michigan:  According to Michigan Live, “This year, South Central Michigan Works and the Academy for Manufacturing Careers have teamed up to host ‘reverse job fairs,’ where employers come to check out work samples by new academy students and see how they would fit into the employer’s work environment.”

Welding Events

American Welding Society Event Page: Keep track of the latest welding industry events at the American Welding Society’s event page.

Welding Gone Wrong

Iowa Man Killed in Welding Accident: Although details remain uncertain, it is believed that an Iowa man was killed by an electric shock while welding.

Oilfield Explosion Injures Four: It is believed that the four workers were welding or grinding on top of a barrel that contained a flammable liquid that ignited—most likely oil.


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