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A Simple Upgrade for your Millermatic MIG Welder

As new Millermatic MIG welders in the 200+ amp class become more affordable and packed with even more features, there are some accessory upgrades that will make your life under the hood a bit easier. The MDX-250 EZ-Select MIG Gun is an optional MIG gun from Miller that has plug-and-play compatibility with Miller's MIG machines that are rated for 200 amps or more.

Better Industrial Welding and Fabrication with the Miller Deltaweld 350 with Intellx Feeder

Miller Electric’s Deltaweld 350 MIG welding power source and Intellx series wire feeders are designed for a wide range of general welding, manufacturing, and fabrication applications. Designed for optimum output, efficiency, and convenience, the Delta Weld 350 is easy to set up, accurately adjusts to your parameters, and delivers clean, accurate professional quality welds.

Common Questions New Welders Ask about MIG Welding and Welding Gear

One of the benefits of offering some of the best prices on welding machines and welding gear at Baker’s Gas and Welding is that customers ask lots of good questions in order to make the best possible purchase.

When to Use Solid Wire MIG or Flux Cored MIG Welding

MIG welding offers the convenience and speed of a feeder that guides the metal wire right into your puddle, but keeping your weld free from contaminants will determine the strength and appearance of your weld. 

The Ultimate MIG Welding Tips Roundup

If you’re getting started with MIG welding or looking to upgrade your machine, now is the time to check out the great deals on MIG welders at Baker’s Gas and Welding. The prices are the most competitive you can find online, and almost every machine...

6 Heavy-Duty Welding Projects for This Winter

While it’s always appealing to pick a simple welding project that offers a quick win for the weekend, the coming winter is the perfect time to start a bigger, heavy-duty welding project that stretches over a few months. While it rains or snows outside, you...

Safely Setting Up a Welding Machine for New Welders

During the holiday season there will be many welders picking up new welding machines and welding supplies for their shops and home welding projects, but if you’re new to welding, you need to spend some time making sure your welder is safe to use

Flux-Cored or Solid Wire MIG Welding: Determining the Best Fit for Your Application

Today’s guest post is by Ben Romenesko of Miller Electric. I hear it often from the people purchasing their first MIG welder: “Do I really need to run gas with that?” The answer to that question really boils down to the application that the welder

Welding Projects for Your Shop

Buying a welder is just the start of what you need in order to start welding. Besides picking up welding safety gear and welding supplies, you’ll also need to set up a welding shop at home that is safe and convenient. While you could buy...

Which Black Stallion Welding Glove Is Right for You?

Black Stallion welding gloves are known for their rugged durability and high performance on the job site. They are also some of the most popular welding gloves at Baker’s Gas and Welding. Reviewers share that they make repeat purchases and recommend these gloves for welding...

Art Welding Project Inspiration Part Two

From the fanciful and fun to the practical and user-friendly, art welding projects provide an excellent change of pace to your welding projects and can also provide a great opportunity to learn a new welding skill. In addition, an art welding project gives you a...

Get Started with MIG Welding This Spring

With all of the MIG welders on sale at Baker’s Gas and Welding this Spring, now is the perfect time to learn about MIG welding machines, how to set up your MIG welder in the garage, and strike an arc.

How to Find the Best MIG Welding Gloves

MIG welding gloves are an essential welding supply that will help you get done any welding project in your shop. Welding gloves protect your hands from sparks and harmful UV rays that are emitted when you weld. Welding gloves are one of the less expensive...

DIY Aluminum MIG Welding: Difficult or Different?

Today’s guest post is by Ben Romenesko of Miller Electric. What comes to mind when you see something made of aluminum that needs to be repaired? Is your reaction one of hesitation — “Oh this is going to be a tough one to get fixed?”

MIG Welding Glove Comparison

The Competitors: Tillman 32 Series MIG Gloves Revco BM88 BSX MIG Gloves Miller 249176 MIG Gloves Lincoln K2980 MIG Gloves The Testing Characteristics: Dexterity Heat Transfer Comfort Durability Versatility Overall and Price The gloves were ranked 1-4 on each characteristic with a 4 being the...

Which Type of Leather is Right for Your Welding Gloves?

Today’s guest post is by Mark Williams of the John Tillman Company. Leather is the most commonly used product in welding gloves for many reasons. It’s very flexible for its weight, and it provides the most economical protection for the features and protection it offers.

Welding Project: Air Tool Rack

A welding shop needs a specific spot for every tool, lest you lose or damage them while you work, and an air tool rack is one welding project that will make your shop more organized and help preserve your tools. Rather than spending your time...

Tips for Unique MIG Welding Positions

There are general rules for MIG welding that always apply, such as taking the time to determine the best amperage, set up a good ground, and select optimal wire feed settings.