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MIG Welding Glove Comparison

MIG Welding Glove Comparison

The Competitors:

  • Tillman 32 Series MIG Gloves
  • Revco BM88 BSX MIG Gloves
  • Miller 249176 MIG Gloves
  • Lincoln K2980 MIG Gloves

The Testing Characteristics:

  • Dexterity
  • Heat Transfer
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Overall
  • and Price
  • The gloves were ranked 1-4 on each
    characteristic with a 4 being the top score.
  • The best possible score is a 28.

The Test:

We provided the gloves to
D&G Welding, a local shop, for two weeks. The welders were instructed to use the gloves as they
normally would, but to also pay
attention to the test characteristics. The gloves
were used in traditional MIG welding
applications as well as typical welding preparation.

The Results:

4th Place: Lincoln K2980 MIG Gloves

Final Score: 13 points of a possible 28

Retail Price: $31.00

Material: Top Grain Cowhide palm and backing

Pros: Heat Protection, Durability

Cons: Dexterity, Comfort, Price

Conclusion and Notes:
The Lincoln gloves suffered from a size issue. The larges were too small for the welders and as a result the rankings suffered. They recommend purchasing a size larger than normal. It was hard for them to get a true evaluation of the gloves because of this. The welders did notice that the thickness of the gloves provided the most heat protection and seemed very durable. Due to the thicker profile of the glove, the glove scored the lowest in dexterity. These gloves were also the most expensive MIG gloves we tested so they are not a great value option either.

Place: Tillman 32 Series MIG Gloves

16.5 points of
a possible 28

Retail Price: $11.75

Material: Top Grain Pigskin palm and backing (unlined)

Pros: Dexterity,
Comfort, Price

Cons: Heat Transfer, Versatility,

Conclusion and Notes:
The Tillman gloves were the only unlined gloves in the comparison
The results showed that the unlined glove lead to some interesting pros and
cons. The welders liked the dexterity and comfort that the thinner glove
provided. The main disadvantage was the poor heat qualities. The
gloves did not provide enough
protection when picking
up the metal after
a weld. They also did not provide very much heat
protection when the actual weld was happening.
The 32 series best use would be for light duty MIG applications or
TIG welding. The Tillman 50 series would be a better choice for
heavy duty MIG welding.

2nd Place: Revco BM88 Series MIG Gloves

17.5 points of
a possible 28

Retail Price: $15.50

Material: Top Grain Pigskin palm with Cowhide

Pros: Heat
Transfer, Durability, Versatility

Cons: Dexterity, Comfort

Conclusion and Notes:
The Revco BM88 MIG gloves are from the new Black and Tan Series
from the BSX division. The
rankings showed the glove to be a solid all-around glove. It did not
perform exceptionally high or low in any category. The
cowhide backing provided excellent heat transfer characteristics. The
welders also thought the BM88 provided good versatility for different welding
processes outside of MIG welding.


1st Place: Miller 263333 MIG Gloves

23 points of
a possible 28

Retail Price: $19.50

Material: Deersplit leather palm and backing

Pros: Dexterity,
Comfort, Durability, Versatility

Cons: Heat Transfer, Price

Conclusion and Notes:
The Miller MIG gloves were the clear
winner in the test. Each welder listed it as their top glove
for comfort, durability, versatility, and
overall. The gloves came in 2nd in dexterity to the thinner Tillman gloves. They finished 3rd in heat transfer after barely
getting beat out by the Revco gloves.
The Miller gloves were the 2nd highest priced gloves that we tested but even after
knowing that, the welders would still buy the Miller gloves if they had to spend their money on one pair.

Final Conclusion:

Miller has done an excellent job
with the development of their MIG Glove. The results show that it is the best all around glove
available. The Revco glove is a solid second choice and is also a great
all around glove. The Tillman 32 series is best used for light MIG work
but it would be preferable to stick with a lined
glove if there is going to be a substantial amount of hot metal working. The Lincoln glove suffered from a sizing issue and
if we do this test again we will be sure to include a size larger for the
welders. Sizing is very important with gloves as it affects nearly all-measurable aspects of a glove. The Miller, Revco, and Tillman gloves all fit
true to their size. 

Ed Cyzewski


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