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How to Find the Best MIG Welding Gloves

MIG welding gloves are an essential welding supply that will help you get
done any welding project in your shop. Welding gloves protect your hands from
sparks and harmful UV rays that are emitted when you weld. Welding gloves are
one of the less expensive welding supplies you can pick up, and therefore it’s
worthwhile picking up gloves that will deliver superior protection, last a long
time, and provide enough movement that you can weld effectively. Some of the
bestselling welding gloves at Baker’s Gas and Welding are made by Tillman. Let’s
take a look at some of the bestselling MIG welding gloves that Tillman

General MIG Welding Glove Guidelines

Before we get into specific gloves, there are some general rules to keep in
mind while you’re looking for a MIG welding glove. While everyone has different
welding glove needs, here are several key qualities to look for:

Kevlar Thread: This is a heat resistant thread that holds
welding gloves together without melting. Kevlar also keeps the gloves together
better, making them more durable for the long term no matter how rough you are
with them.

Top Grain Leather: There are top grain and split grain
leathers available for welding gloves, but the thicker, stiffer split grain
leather isn’t as high quality and flexible as the top grain leather. Stick
welding gloves that use split grain leather work great since you’ll need more
protection from the heat and sparks, but you’ll also lose dexterity with the
thicker leather.

Lined vs. Unlined Welding Gloves: Depending on your
conditions, you’ll either want lined or unlined gloves. If you’re working in a
colder climate and you don’t mind losing a little bit of flexibility, you can
make a lined glove work just fine for MIG welding. It may take some practice to
get used to the extra bulk. However, if you can manage it, an unlined glove will
give you the best range of movement for your fingers.

Types of MIG Welding Gloves

Heavy Duty Top
Grain Pigskin MIG Welding Gloves

These durable, thick MIG welding gloves are the highest quality leather you
can get from pigskin and provide both the protection and the flexibility you
need to MIG weld effectively. You’ll find a lot of pigskin stick welding gloves,
but provided you go with the top grain leather pigskin, you’ll be in great shape
to MIG weld with these gloves.

Tillman 1350
Heavy Duty Top Grain Cowskin MIG Gloves

Top grain cowskin provides all of the comfort and protection you need in a
MIG welding glove without giving up too much dexterity. Many MIG welding gloves
are made from top grain cowskin because it’s affordable and extremely durable.

These gloves offer an especially wide thumb so that you won’t be constricted
in any way as you work. You’ll also find the cuffs to be a convenient feature
for protecting your wrists from sparks or heat while welding.

Tillman 35
Heavyweight Reverse Golden Deerskin MIG Gloves

When you first put on these deerskin welding gloves, you’ll find that they
are quite thick and heavy, and you may need some time to adjust to them.
However, deerskin is especially popular because it will mold itself to your hand
over time, providing an added level of comfort and flexibility that will make
work much easier with a tightly fitted glove. Deerskin welding gloves
provide a tremendous amount of protection and will give you the flexibility you
need if you give them some time to take the shape of your hand.

The cotton-foamed lining along the back of the glove also provides an
excellent layer of protection against the heat given off during MIG welding

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