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Welding Projects for Your Shop

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Buying a welder is just the start of what you need in order to start welding.
Besides picking up welding safety gear and welding supplies, you’ll also need to
set up a welding shop at home that is safe and convenient. While you could buy a
welding table or a tool rack, you could get started with your new welder by
building what you need for your shop.

By welding what you need for your welding shop you’ll be able to customize it
to meet your specific needs and preferences. Best yet, many of these welding
shop projects are relatively simple and don’t require significant experience or
a lot of amperage.

Weld Your Own Welding Table

A welding table is the ideal project for a new welding machine since you’ll
be able to create something that you can work on in the future. There are a
variety of different sizes for welding tables, and you’ll need to research the
ideal size, height, and portability for your table. For instance, do you want it
to be on wheels so you can move it around your garage or do you have a
designated shop where you can just weld a table and leave it in one spot?

Most tables are built out of either angle iron or square tubing if you need
something a little more solid. Square tubing will make it easier to attach
wheels to the table. Another nice option to consider for this project is to
drill holes in the concrete floor of your garage and add pins to your welding
table so you can provide additional stability.

You can find welding table plans and project ideas here.

Cutting Table Dolly

If you want to take your welding shop to the next level with larger welding
and cutting projects, it’s a good idea to consider adding a cutting table that
can handle all of the hot slag you’ll create while you cut metal with either a
plasma cutter or a torch set up. Cutting tables provide a designated spot to
work and can take the heat you’ll create while working so that you don’t ruin
your welding table in the process.

Cutting tables can be quite large and inconvenient for a shop. Therefore
consider welding your own dolly for your cutting table. That will make it much
easier to set up your cutting table in the most convenient location in your

You can find cutting table plans here.

Air Tool Rack

Keeping track of your tools will make your welding shop more organized and
keep your tools in better shape since they’ll be well out of harm’s way. Welding
your own tool rack isn’t all that hard to do, with some longer weld joints and
then drilling holes to the main metal work piece.

You can find the air tool rack plans here.

How to Set Up Your Garage for Welding Projects

Baker’s also provides a comprehensive guide to setting up a garage for welding projects. While you don’t need a lot to start welding, taking some simple safety precautions and picking up a few key supplies will keep you and your home safe.

For starters, work on clearing out everything that could be flammable.
Welding causes sparks and they could ignite hours after you’re done welding.
Card board boxes and saw dust are just a few of the flammable materials you
could have on hand, to say nothing about unsecured propane tanks and other gas

While you’ll need to invest in a welding helmet, gloves, and flame resistant
clothing for your own safety, don’t forget that pedestrians walking by while you
work could get flashed. Welding is not always predictable, and you could hurt a
neighbor. Invest in a simple flame resistant cover to put up over your garage
door if you’re welding in the summer with the door up.

If you’re welding in the winter time, don’t forget to provide proper
ventilation. Whether you use a fume removal system or a less sophisticated set
up, don’t compromise your safety while welding.

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