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Better Industrial Welding and Fabrication with the Miller Deltaweld 350 with Intellx Feeder

Better Industrial Welding and Fabrication with the Miller Deltaweld 350 with Intellx Feeder

Miller Electric’s Deltaweld 350 MIG welding power source and Intellx series wire feeders are designed for a wide range of general welding, manufacturing, and fabrication applications. Designed for optimum output, efficiency, and convenience, the Delta Weld 350 is easy to set up, accurately adjusts to your parameters, and delivers clean, accurate professional quality welds.

Welding in action

This new welding system offers several significant improvements over previous models. Here are just a few of the many ways this top notch MIG welder can improve your welding shop. 

Simpler, Better MIG Pulsing Technology

Using Miller’s unique Accu-Pulse technology, you’ll have a more forgiving arc with a 28% wider operating window. Spatter is minimized and weld quality goes up, saving both materials and time on projects. 

Deltaweld 350

Set up your welding parameters in a matter of seconds with the EZ-Setup option by entering your material thickness and type. Then get to work without making guesses and adjustments. Frequently used settings can be stored in the machine’s memory for standardizing repeat welds.

Miller’s integrated packaging option includes everything you could need to get started: the power source, feeder, cart, and all of the other components. 

Power and Durability for Welding Projects

MIG weld just about anything at 350 amps with a 60 percent duty cycle, with an input power at 230/460 V and 3-Phase power. The output power is 20-400 amps and 10-38 Volts. 

Weighing in at 115 pounds, this is a strong, durable machine that is made to last. And you certainly don’t want to miss out on getting the cart for it! 

Wire Feeders for Your Deltaweld 350 MIG Welder

The Deltaweld 350 MIG Welder offers two options: one welding machine with new ArcConnect technology, which links the Deltaweld to the new Intellx wire feeders, and a second model with ArcConnect and a 14-pin connector, which adapts the power source for existing MIG wire feeders.

Intellx wire feeders provide greater control and flexibility, using Miller’s new Arc Control technology to alter the puddle fluidity depending on the welding application. Intellx Pro Feeders make pulsed welding simple for welders of all skill sets. 

With Intellx wire feeders you can select from a menu of pre-defined welding parameters before striking up the welding arc. Just tap on each of the three parameter options and you’re good to go. 

More Durable, Less Maintenance MIG Welding

Miller Electric welders are made to last and stand as an excellent long term investment with their Wind Tunnel Technology that sends an internal air flow throughout the electrical components and PC boards. This minimizes dust, dirt, and debris which can collect in your welding machine and extends the life of your MIG welder. 


In addition, fan-on-demand technology keeps your machine running at peak performance with minimal noise. Reduced fan usage also saves on power costs and limits the possibility of contaminants going into the MIG welding machine. 

Get a New Miller MIG Welder on Sale Today

The simplicity of using the Deltaweld 350 MIG welding system reduces training, mistakes, and grinding for industrial MIG welding and fabrication operations. Whether you’re running a small shop or managing a larger welding business, you’ll save on time, materials, and maintenance with these highly efficient MIG welders.

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