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Which Black Stallion Welding Glove Is Right for You?

Black Stallion welding gloves are known for their rugged durability and high
performance on the job site. They are also some of the most popular welding
gloves at Baker’s Gas and Welding. Reviewers share that they make repeat
purchases and recommend these gloves for welding professionals who need a rugged
glove that can take a lot of punishment.

There are more high quality Black Stallion welding gloves available than we
could possibly cover in a blog post, but we’ll take a look at a cross section of
some of the most popular and versatile gloves below.


Black Stallion 35KF – Alpha TIG Welding Gloves Premium Lined Kidskin
Long Cuff

TIG welding calls for gloves that can protect your hands while providing
maximum dexterity as you feed wire into the weld. These kidskin TIG welding
gloves from Black Stallion provide the protection you need to weld with plenty
of amperage, but make it possible to move your fingers easily. The CushionCore
feature of these gloves ensures that your hand will have maximum comfort.

Additional features include a seamless index finger and a straight thumb for
added dexterity while you weld. A seam in the wrong spot can significantly limit
your movement. Lastly, the glove is held together with Kevlar thread that is
flame resistant and will ensure the long term durability of your glove.

Black Stallion T50 – Tigster TIG Welding Glove

This Tigster welding glove provides a more “snug-fitting” glove option for
welders. While it provides many of the same options as the previous 35 KF TIG
glove, the Tigster is especially ideal for welders who don’t want any extra
fabric around their forearms, which is what the 35KF offers with its long cuffs.
If you’re doing particularly fine TIG welding or working in a tight spot, these
gloves will give you the best in visibility, dexterity, and protection.

With these gloves you’ll find the same dexterity features such as a seamless
index finger, but you’ll have a Drag patch as well that will extend the life of
the glove by taking most of the abuse. It also provides an ergonomic keystone
thumb and Kevlar thread that is flame-resistant.

BSX AngelFire Women’s Stick/MIG Welding Gloves

Black Stallion recognizes that not all welders fit neatly into the typical
size categories, and that is especially true for women who may have smaller
hands than their male counterparts in a welding shop. Women will love these BSX
AngelFire welding gloves from Black Stallion that can handle both MIG and stick
welding processes. They are heavy duty and sturdy enough to handle a wide
variety of projects.

The premium gran pigskin palm is tough and rigid, while the side split
cowhide back can take a lot of heat, keeping your hands safe while you weld. In
addition, they come with leather reinforced palms and a drag patch to handle the
toughest welding projects and to keep your gloves in top shape for years to
come. They are also stitched with flame-resistant Kevlar.

BSX Premium Grain Pigskin Cowhide Back MIG Welding

Like the other gloves from Black Stallion, you’ll find a lot of great
features that will make these MIG welding gloves durable through frequent use: a
split cowhide back, a drag patch for additional reinforcement, and
flame-resistant Kevlar stitching. However, these MIG welding gloves also come
with a padded palm for great comfort while MIG welding.

These gloves are also ideal for cutting and grinding work according to some
reviewers, and since they do come with a split cowhide back, they should be able
to withstand most anything you throw at them.
Black Stallion 850 – Premium Grain Elkskin Stick Welding Gloves –
Nomex Backing

A lot of stick welding gloves are made out of pig skin, and while that will
get the job done, I thought I should mention these elk skin stick welding gloves
from Black Stallion. Elk skin is both durable and comfortable, especially since
it molds better to your hands over time without sacrificing any protection.

These gloves are made with a reversed grain palm for additional
dexterity—which is usually the first thing to go with a stiff stick welding
glove. You’ll also save your hands from the heat with a Nomex lining on the back
for flame-resistance. Like the other Black Stallion gloves, these are also
stitched with Kevlar thread.


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