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A Simple Upgrade for your Millermatic MIG Welder

MDX-250 EZ Select MIG Gun Up Close on a Wooden Pallet

As new Millermatic MIG welders in the 200+ amp class become more affordable and packed with even more features, there are some accessory upgrades that will make your life under the hood a bit easier. The MDX-250 EZ-Select MIG Gun is an optional MIG gun from Miller that has plug-and-play compatibility with Miller's MIG machines that are rated for 200 amps or more.

Miller's recent Millermatic units such as the Millermatic 255 Pulsed MIG welder allow for you to schedule programs into your unit to allow for repeatable results on jobs that you find yourself doing often. This is an especially nice feature for fab shops that are welding on the same couple of parts over and over, or for the home hobbyist that finds themselves uses 2 or 3 standard metal wall thicknesses.

In the video below, you'll see Andrew upgrade the MIG gun on his Millermatic 255 to an MDX 250 EZ-Select!

What will the MDX EZ-Select do for me?

The MDX EZ-Select MIG Gun allows for a seamless transition between program schedules that you preset into your machine. The gun will allow for up to 4 programs with the ability to toggle between all 4 with the click of your trigger. Have some 16 gauge and 1/4" wall that you need to weld on the same project? No problem at all. Just simply preset 2 separate programs for each material thickness, weld the first joint, then toggle to the second program and keep burnin'!

This means no more getting out of position, racking your gun, stepping (tripping for me) over lead and ground cables and walking back to your machine. This is a no brainer and will save you tons of time and frustration. An efficient workshop is a more profitable workshop!

What else do I need to buy in addition to the new gun?

Nothing at all! That's the best part. Just get your new MDX EZ-Select gun and plug it in. It will come with your preferred liner size and a set of consumables. Truly "plug-and-play". No pricy adapters or connectors needed.

If we could suggest anything to you, it would be the "AccuLock S" consumables to accompany your new EZ-Select gun. You may be using these on your current MDX-250 gun, but if you aren't, this is why you should:

  • Increased copper on the tips will handle the additional heat and demands of an industrial application.
  • Quicker replacement due to coarse threads on the tip, diffuser and nozzles.
  • Miller and Bernard collaborated on these consumables to create a truly superior product.

Check out Miller's in-depth breakdown of AccuLock Consumables - Learn More.

"Mig consumables at a great price. What else can you ask for..."

- Ronaldo S., Nevada

What options do I have for wire diameters?

The MDX 250 EZ-Select is available in with 2 different wire diameter packages. You can go with one of the following to suit your needs.

What should I do with my old MIG Gun?

Not to worry! Your old MIG Gun does not need to collect dust in the corner. Something we see our customer's do pretty frequently is setting up the old MIG Gun to be dedicated for a specific wire diameter. If you are constantly running .030", but you occasionally need to run .045" wire and don't want the hassle of switching out the liner and tips every time, setting up a MIG Gun dedicated to a specific wire diameter can save you a ton of time and hassle.

Millermatic 255 with MDX 250 EZ-Select MIG Gun

Will this work on older or legacy Miller MIG welders?

The MDX 250 MIG Gun, either standard or EZ-Select, will plug in and be compatible with older Miller MIG units. This gun was an update to the M-25 MIG Gun (black with a red trigger). It has a much more ergonomic ball-socket swiveling handle and will accommodate the heavier-duty AccuLock S consumables and liners. If you want to be sure that this upgraded MIG gun will work on your machine, give us a call at 877-930-5690. The MDX 250 MIG Gun is now the standard MIG gun shipping with the following units:

  • Multimatic 200
  • Millermatic 212
  • Multimatic 235
  • Millermatic 252
  • Millermatic 255
  • Multimatic 255

If you have any comments or questions let us know below. Be sure to like and comment on our YouTube video too!

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