Buying Guides


Buying Guides

How to Select the Correct Cover for Your Welding Machine

Looking for a cover to protect your machine? Baker's Gas has you (and your machine) covered!

Introducing the New Lincoln Viking 1740 Series GAME-ON Helmet

This innovative helmet merges advanced welding technology with a nostalgic 8-bit video game design.

How to Find the Serial Number on Most Welding Hemets

There are many instances where you need your helmet serial number such as for filing rebates or warranty claims. We put together this guide to show you...

Introducing the Fronius Ignis 180 XT: The Next-Generation of Fronius Machines

From HotStart and SoftStart for effortless arc ignition to Anti-stick settings for safe electrode removal, this machine offers unmatched versatility.

Fronius Artis 210XT Welding Machine: A Revolution in Welding Efficiency

The Fronius Artis 210XT welding machine revolutionizes the welding experience with its resonant inverter technology, delivering a stable and precise arc.

Miller Trailblazer 330 Air Pak vs. Miller Bobcat 265 Air: Which Machine is Right for You?

From the powerful versatility of the Trailblazer 330 Air Pak to the rugged simplicity of the Bobcat 265 Air, these machines redefine performance and reliability in...

Best Welding Helmets in 2024

Every welder needs a helmet and it can be difficult figuring out the right one for you. In this post, we will go over five of our...

Introducing the Next Level in Welder/Generator Innovation: The Miller Trailblazer 330 Air Pak

Packed with advanced technologies like ArcReach and Dynamic DIG, this machine delivers superior arc performance and unmatched productivity on the jobsite.

Introducing the Miller Bobcat 265 Air: Redefining Performance

Crafted with the ruggedness and durability that Miller is renowned for, the Bobcat 265 Air is built to withstand the toughest working conditions.

Unleashing the Power of Protection: Black Stallion FR Gear at Baker's Gas and Welding

Having the right gear for the job and staying protected is a must. When it comes to FR, Black Stallion has you covered.

Considering the Millermatic 255? Here's What You Need to Know Before You Buy

At Baker's, we've unboxed and tested the Millermatic 255, and we're here to give you the lowdown on why it might just be the welding...

The All New ESAB Sentinel A60 - Unlock Peak Performance

The new A60 is the predecessor to the Sentinel A50, improving in almost all aspects of the already great helmet. Keep reading below to learn more about...

2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Get ready for good times and the perfect welding presents! Explore our curated selection of unique and practical gifts - perfect for every welder on your...

A Beginners Guide to Buying Your First Welder

We are here to guide you with some quick tips and things to consider. Process, Material, Duty Cycle, Power & More!  It is a big purchase and...

The Two Best Entry Level Welders for Each Welding Process

Learning to weld and looking for some direction on a first welder?  We picked the following welders based on customer feedback, overall popularity, and price point.

The All New Lincoln Electric Power MIG 215 MPi is Here!

Take a look at Lincoln Electrics newest welder! The POWER MIG 215 MPi is the next generation of Lincoln Electric welders. This welder has advanced features like Ready....

New Miller Multimatic 235 Overview

Combine versatility and portability with the new Multimatic 235 from Miller!

The Rule-Defying MiniArc Rogue ES 180i

ESAB knows all about putting big power into small packages. The new Miniarc Rogue ES 180i is no exception. Stick and TIG weld up to 1/2"...

Choosing the Right Victor Cutting Kit

The Victor cutting torch series has a wide range of cutting outfit options that are ideal for metal workers and welders at both the professional and hobby...

Comparing the Millermatic and ESAB Rebel

Welders looking for a new MIG welder? We’re comparing two of our bestselling machines from Baker’s Gas and Welding: Miller’s Millermatic 211 and the ESAB Rebel EM...

Comparing the Millermatic 211 and ESAB EM 210

Welders looking for a new MIG welder on sale have their work cut out for them researching the many new machines on the market. This month we’re...

Why Welders Choose the New ESAB Sentinel A50

ESAB has introduced a fresh, revolutionary welding helmet design with its new Sentinel A50 helmet. The Sentinel A50 is a top selling products at Baker’s Gas and Welding.

Comparing Smith and Victor Torch Kits

Whether you choose a Victor or Smith Cutting outfit may sometimes depend on which is readily available at your local welding supply shop. But if you could...